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Replacing “Le Wand” which was an incredibly good friend to…


I had not the magic wand but a very expensive rechargeable wand purchased from a luxury store (Canada) for several hundred $$ and it has gone the way of the dodo but I did get some good use. The thing is, I’ve really been using my suction-style stuff lately for clitoral stimulation and sometimes I find they’re a little too much in the same spot and it loses the sense of pleasure and goes to pain-only. Now I know I need pretty harsh stimulation to get anywhere any no pain no gain so sure I’ve vibed with a bit too much pressure but it was a bit different with the wand—it feels like a better toy for hours and hours of continuous play since the pressure is more distributed evenly rather than a tiny circle, so I was hoping to get some sort of wand-style (like the magic wand maybe) OR thinking about something like the we-vibe tango x I think it’s called? (The flat ish one, not the bullet) OR I’ve seen these tiny thin magical wand looking things that I think provide pretty direct stimulation but likely not necessarily at as much of a strong force… so I saw the Lelo one that looks like a raindrop and also Romp has one I think… called Pom?

Can anyone help me get back to my good ol’ vibin days? How strong is the we-vibe? I have a couple middle of the road toys that aren’t strong enough…. But it looks nice for partner play….

And has anyone used the Lelo Dot? What was it like?

Who swears by a magic wand?

Do I need all 3?


My body thanks you in advance, friends.

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