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Here is some instructions for people with ALU-flair

Breaking given rules may cause you lose the flair and/or get banned from participating. We are subreddit meant for **discussion about sextoys**. Not advertising platform for them.


1. **Make sure you have read and follow our rules.** As you have been given ALU – flair, general members of subreddit think you are endorsed by moderators. Your actions in subreddit will be followed more strictly and rule breaking will be punished.
2. **Request flair from moderators.** Mods will keep right to refuse request if you have broken our rules in past or we think you may not upheld our standards.
3. **Participate in conversations.** Flair does not give you special permission to advertise to everyone looking for a toy here. You are allowed to link toy with affiliate link if you think it fits in what user is requesting. Do not just use request for toy as an excuse to spam your own affiliate/store links.
4. **Link to only body safe toys.** Do not link to store front page or blog post listing 10 different toys for sake of it (unless OP requests comparisons then you can link to blog post that **has** those.)


# If you see someone who does not follow these instructions after this post has been published PLEASE REPORT THEM TO MODS!

We cannot unfortunately deal with people that spam or misuse their ALU – flair **if we do not know** about them. Unfortunately moderators are not omnipotent and are not able to see every message in this subreddit and automoderator and moderating tools get us only so far. So click that report button if you feel that someone does not follow rules.

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  1. Verified-Customer says:

    Great job

  2. Verified-Customer says:

    Ok , not a member here and really not into this type of product, but my wife is a web designer and she has a client that hired her to build a site for sex toys. I’d love to share the link, but I don’t want to break your rules. The store owner and she would like to see some traffic to the site and I’m sure they’d like sales too 😂. Mods?

  3. Verified-Customer says:

    I’ve messaged the mods with no response. How do you get the affiliate flair if you’re a blogger?

  4. Verified-Customer says:

    I think advertising shops and affiliate marketing is 2 totally different things that the original person who complained today cant see the difference between

  5. Verified-Customer says:

    What a sad day when freedom of speech is restricted because of 1 a very few complaining. 247k members 47 complain and the other 246953 have to role along with the minority not the x amount who dont care.

    Sorry mods poor decision here.

  6. Verified-Customer says:

    May I have the ALU flair please. Not sure where to request it. I saw this just after my post.

  7. Verified-Customer says:

    T H A N K Y O U

  8. Verified-Customer says:

    If the interest is in healthy discussion and honest advice, then why not just ban affiliate links and only allow normal links. That would remove the conflict of interest entirely 🤔

    I can’t see how you can receive honest advice 99% of the time from someone profiting from it. At the very least the brands they are recommending will only be the ones they have a deal with, making the advice fundamentally dishonest.


    I can see how there is some value in it, but it is difficult to separate it. I appreciate that it’s a hard balance 😊👍

  9. Verified-Customer says:

    Thank you!!!

  10. Verified-Customer says:

    Thanks for this!

  11. Verified-Customer says:

    The biggest problem with affiliate link users is that the vast majority of them are just trying to get people to buy the stuff so that they can get money from it. It’s that most of the people trying to sell don’t actually care. They just want you to buy so they get paid.

  12. Verified-Customer says:

    I have an AFU flair because I’m a blogger. Sextoy reviewer.
    And seeing how some people recommend unsafe toys makes my hair stand on end.
    Or sometimes it’s just not related to the subject but just to present their shop.

    So thanks for the post and this new rule.

  13. Verified-Customer says:

    Mods have been doing an excellent job the past ~month or so, it’s been very appreciated. Big difference in quality on the sub.

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