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Ariel X Returns to the Ring on Evolved Fights Lez @ArielXoxo

Ariel X Returns to the Ring on Evolved Fights Lez

Members of the all-girl wrestling site Evolved Fights Lez have much to be excited about with Ariel X back wrestling. After fighting everyone and winning, Ariel’s back on the mats with a new worthy opponent, Muscle Marilyn.

It’s rarely happens, but it transpired this week—Ariel X is back wrestling on Evolved Fights Lez. Muscle Marilyn lives up to her name and is a strong muscle woman who trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This musclebound babe thinks she has what it takes to dethrone Ms. X. Although it’s her first match, Marilyn feels her size and skill will capture the win, but Ariel has the experience and the titles. There are three rounds of muscle flexing, but only one sex fighter will walk away with the glory and the title. In the end, the winner fucks the loser with a strap-on and uses the loser for her pleasure.

“Muscle Marilyn gave me a reason to get back on the mats. Not that I have anything to prove, but I definitely wanted to wrestle her. It’s a match-up you don’t want to miss. And a big thank you to Daisy Ducati, who stepped in as the guest referee,” says site owner and referee Ariel X.

Watch the trailer and exclusive scene for “Ariel X vs. Muscle Marilyn” and peep over 135 SFW and NSFW photos at

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