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Any unique sex toys for a gay couple?


So me and my partner want to spice things up a bit… We’re both males, and he’s super sensitive sort of speak, but I wanna get us some toys, because it takes a while to uh… Get him off and stay into things…

We already have lots of dildos including a bad dragon collection, he doesn’t like flesh lights and we got some furry stuff…. Got ropes and stuff and all that cool stuff as well.

Any ideas or any types of toys that can help make things feel fresh and exciting or weird and so on?

We’re kinky, but no needles or anything that can hurt us… He’s also not a fan of heavy squeezing and so on… So no pain. Down for candle wax and I’ve seen these neat little Rolly thing but idk what they are called, but then I was freaked out because I seen some that had needles which terrifies me .

Anyway thank you! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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