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So the wife has got into toys a bit over the last few months and she has / we have a rose and a twitch innovation clit sucker thingy as well as a good sized dildo for when I’m not “performing”.

She uses them on her own but also we recently started using together, which is super hot.

My question is – I can’t help but notice she’s “better” at using them on herself than I am on her… which is totally understandable as it’s her body so she can immediately move it around in the right way… are there any tips guys or girls out there can give on things to do / how to use them save just holding the toy on the clit?

Any advice appreciated and hope this makes sense!

Also – edit – does anyone know of anywhere you can buy a cock ring with clit sucker … have found a few on eBay but they’re out of stock etc

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