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A Remarkable Way To Take Something LARGE

Gay Porn Star Holding His Sex Toy

Are You Ready To Take Something Large?

I am extremely thankful to have been given a Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX for review. Mr. Hankey Toys design astonishingly detailed certified skin safe Dildos that are made with different levels of firmness which feel just right! Get ready to take something large! These beauties can stand up on their own and if you get a Vac-U-Lock hole you can add as many attachments as you would like. There is one BIG difference with Mr. Hankey Toys Dildos, they are INCREDIBLY BIG!

My Favourite Feature Is The Incredible Detailing

After I was mentally able to move pass the sheer size of the Dildo which mind you, took me about a week to process, I was then able to pay close attention to the level of detailing that this Dildo has and it has a lot of detailing! You can thank the famous gay adult movie star CUTLERX for that as it was moulded directly from his body with Mr. Hankey Toys proprietary life casting method which is a unique method used by their company alone.

Yes, you heard me right, this is a realistic Dildo in all of its glory. The Dildo is made beautifully in a deep brown colour.

It Seems So Realistic

My favourite feature of the Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX is the way the nerves along the shaft catches the light in my bedroom. Just like CUTLERX’s penis, the mould which was created for this sex toy precisely picks out the level of depth each individual nerve has.

Some nerves are higher than others and they create the smallest shadows that you would expect to see in real life. It is absolutely incredible, you can see all the individual directions that they go in and how they map themselves out on the Dildo.

The head of the Dildo is perfectly rounded outlined by a great big ridge which brings your attention to the tip. Gentleness of the skin can clearly be seen with its soft natural texture.

You Can Tell This Is A High Quality Product

The opening of the urethra is quite long measuring around 1 centimetre but this is what I would expect from something of this size. I was surprised to find out that I could slightly open the tip of the urethra which absolutely amazed me as I have never seen that before on a realistic Dildo.

At the very base of this large Dildo is an incredibly large set of testicles which gently ripple inwards. I am going to be completely honest, I don’t believe I have ever seen a pair of balls with that type of texture. If someone were to get the whole length of the Dildo inside that the texture which is on the testicles would be quite stimulating to the clitoris and u-spot. It is an incredibly realistic penis.

Photo: CUTLERX With Dildo

The Level Of Firmness Is Just Right

The material itself feels incredibly soft on the outside with a slight firmness on the inside. It comes in two different levels of firmness, Medium Firm and 75% Soft Level Firm so the choice is yours. The bulbous tapered head of the Dildo feels softer than the shaft, this is because they slightly vary in width but this means that the penetrative experience will feel extremely gentle.

It’s Powerful Stance And Swaying Power

One of the first thing’s I did when I held the CUTLERX in my hands was to balance it on the palm of my hand which proved to be a lot of fun. With every light quiver of my hand, it would gently sway to and fro.

I placed it on my desk and poked it, this bad boy has some serious swaying power and you can definitely helicopter it in circles if you wanted to. It surprisingly only moves when touched which really is a remarkable sight but when it is left alone it stands incredibly strong by itself.

take something large

The Certified Skin Safe Silicone

Mr. Hankey Toys Dildos are made from USA produced ISO 10993-10 certified skin safe silicone which is also known as Platinum Silicone. This means that it can come in contact with most people’s skin and have no adverse allergic reaction. This type of silicone is used in the creation of prosthetics.

You Can Add Attachments

On the underside of the CUTLERX there is a hole which measures approximately 1 centimetres. This hole is used for Vac-U-Lock attachments which will give the Dildo additional features. For example, you can buy a compatible sex machine, handles, harnesses and suction cups. When you are making your purchase you need to choose whether you would like yours compatible with a Vac-U-Lock.

CUTLERX's Sex Toy By Mr. Hankey Toys
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The Arousal Process With Thoughts From A Man With The Experience

I had mentioned to a friend that I had a realistic Dildo which is the size of two of my wrists added together and he was surprised to find out that there was a company who made high quality Dildos in this size. What is considered a normal penis size depends on what you have been born with. So let’s take out time to delve into the arousal process that he had experienced with his exceptionally wide and long penis.

He said in response to my thoughts “Even if someone loves a wide cock they won’t get aroused enough to take that in one go without significant foreplay. The natural arousal process can take different amounts of time for different people, you can spend 15 minutes to an hour building up a lover’s body to accept such a large sex toy.

Not Every One Will Be Able To Take It

You really need a lover to be extremely aroused, relaxed and tremendously well lubricated. If she isn’t dribbling down her inner thighs, she isn’t ready. Even if she is wet like the ocean it does not necessarily mean that her body will adapt to something of this magnitude.”

With this in mind, once you are aroused, relaxed and lubricated it is recommended that you start with smaller sex toys and then work your way up to Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX. You can begin by inserting the tip of the Dildos then slowly work your way in. He said “Slamming it down hard is going to be unpleasant to anyone but a masochist.” Some people may only be able to get the tip in but that will still feel sexually satisfying if you like that type of stimulation.

My Final Thoughts

Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX is an amazing beast of a Dildo. Its level of detailing captures all the natural qualities of a realistic large erect penis which we have CUTLERX to thank and Mr. Hankey Toys incredible commitment to providing high quality product made from Platinum Silicone that is certified.

The firmness of the Dildo is hands down amazing and it has an incredible sway which I find captivating. My absolutely favourite feature is the detailing especially that of the nerves along the shaft. I feel like this Dildo has a gravitational pull of its own.

I had found when I held a high quality Dildo in my own hands was that I wanted nothing more but to own more of them. Currently Mr. Hankey Toys has a selection of 20 Dildos which are all different. If you have ever wanted to experience what it would feel like to have a penetrative experience with a certain type of penis, they have a lot of the shapes and textures that are considered to be natural.

If you would like to find out more information, check out Adultsmart’s VIP Interview with the sex toy company Mr. Hankey Toys.





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