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I have been recently inspired by the Netflix original series How to Build a Sex Room and want to share with you why I think we all need a sex room. This show is like the sexy version of HGTV. 

What is a sex room?

First, what is a sex room? Put simply, it’s a place where you get intimate with yourself and/or partner or partners.  
This can be your bedroom or a different room in your house.

Why do you need a sex room?

Think about your bedroom for a second. 

Is it clean? 
Is it a place you want to be? 
Does it give sexy vibes? 
Are any sex toys easily accessible?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you need a sex room.

Everyone needs a sex room.

Picture of a woman sitting on a reclining chaise for sex furniture and how to build a sex room. Talk with a sex therapist near Minneapolis, MN for LGBTQ+ friendly sex therapy for men and poly relationships and more. Consider online therapy in Minnesota for sex therapy near Plymouth, MN and beyond here!

I want to be clear: You don’t need to be kinky to benefit from a sex room.

So how do you go about building a sex room?

So, let’s say you are going to use your bedroom. First, clean that room until it’s sparkling. Get all the clutter and unnecessary items out. Make sure all of your clothes have a place in a dresser or closet. Now, let’s think about what you might want in there. Here are some suggestions and why they are important:

Sex toys and a way to display them in an easily accessible and visually appealing way.

This can be a nice basket or some shelves to display them on. The toys include things like the following: vibrators, suction toys, nipple clamps, restraints, blindfolds, feathers, floggers, strap-ons, anal plugs, and so much more!

Nice, comfortable, and sexy bedding.

Think high thread count, silk, sexy colors, etc. Add throw pillows so the bed looks aesthetically pleasing when made.

Sex Furniture.

Picture of a woman sitting on a bouncing sex stool. A sex therapist near Plymouth, MN or Minneapolis, MN can help you feel more connected to your partner in a poly-friendly, kink aware way with online therapy in Minnesota.


To admire your sexy self, of course!

Sexy Clothing.

This can mean different things to everyone but could include lingerie, role-play costumes, clothes that have feel-good fabrics, leather, etc.

Sex up your bathroom.

You can clean up in a sexy way together. A nice big bathtub for two (or more!)


 …for consensual filming and watching together or separately later.

Mood enhancements.

This can be candles, gorgeous lighting, sexy décor, music, etc

Your sex room is first and foremost, for YOU.

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