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YNOT Crystal Clark Releases Humorous Taboo Series

YNOT Crystal Clark Releases Humorous Taboo Series

Crystal Clark’s latest creation is a new cheating wife series. “Accidentally Texted My Stepmom My Dick” stars Crystal, with Oliver Faze as her loving stepson.

Oliver comes home from college for a few days and logs into his favorite sexting app and talks to this hottie named Kaiya. He snaps a dick pic to send her, but then realizes he sent it to his stepmom, Crystal. He hoped she didn’t see it, but then Crystal calls his name from the living room. At first she was livid but after he explained it wasn’t meant for her, she relented. Then in a shocking turn of events she asks to check Oliver’s dick out. She said she used to be a nurse so she knows what she’s doing, rubbing coconut oil all over Oliver’s member until he was ready to bust.

Oliver wakes up horny the next morning and starts playing with his sexting app again. Kaiya was online and sent Oliver the most fire photo. Oliver went to return the favor to Kaiya and was jerking off snapping photos when Crystal walked into the room. Oliver denied it but Crystal had a hunch about what he was doing. Oliver claimed he had pain in his penis and needed to take a photo for the doctor. She seemed to buy it again, and started to examine his cock. She says it seemed dry and to use more coconut oil. Only bad thing is they didn’t have any more, so Crystal suggests using her mouth to moisten it. Crystal immediately goes down on Oliver before he knew what was happening and gives him the best blowjob of his life. Oliver busted a big load and Crystal swallowed it, told him not to tell anyone, and walked right out of the room.

The next day Oliver was cleaning his room when he heard moaning coming from the living room. He quietly walked into the room and caught Crystal masturbating, looking at Oliver’s dick pic. Crystal tried to deny she was masturbating, and Oliver decided to shoot his shot. He says since she likes his picture so much, they should just fuck. After talking, Crystal agrees and they got naked. She rides Oliver taking him deep, and then turning around to show off her ass. She begs him to bend her over and fuck her doggie, before switching to missionary. Oliver doesn’t last much longer and covers Crystal with one of the biggest loads he’d ever show. She enjoyed it so much she asks him to send her photos from now on instead of random girls and Oliver agrees provided she sends him photos back.

A free preview can be found at XVideos, and the full video is available at OnlyFans, ManyVids, Sheer, and Clips4Sale.

Crystal can be booked for paid shoots through ECT.

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