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YNOT Brody Kayman, Cecil Rose, Papi Marcos, and More Get

YNOT Brody Kayman, Cecil Rose, Papi Marcos, and More Get

SayUncle entices fans with the release of three new scenes this week, promising an exhilarating journey into the world of passion and taboo desires. Featuring the hottest stars in the industry, including Brody Kayman, Cecil Rose, Rob Quin, and more.

Massage therapist Brody Kayman hires an assistant (Florien) to help around the clinic in a new StickyRub scene, “Much More Than Rubbing.” As a first test, Brody asks Florien to rub his back to show him what he’s made of. Florien’s hands slowly move on from his boss’ back and below his waist. Brody is ready to move on to the kinker part of the test…

Military Dick features General Cecil Rose putting his cadets through a brutal hazing in a new scene, “Filthy Cadets.” General Rose has all his cadets (Caetano Soares, Felix Harris, Frankie Morel, and Will Nouvak) line up in front of him and strip naked, he wants to see just how ready they are to be on the battlefield.

Papi Marcos can’t stop lusting over his step-nephew (Rob Quin) in a new Family Dick episode, “Creampie Fever.” He decides to fake being sick to get Rob to come over and take care of him. The plan works like a charm, as a concerned Rob spends the whole afternoon with him, catering to all of his needs. His next plan will definitely take things to the next level between the two.

The SayUncle Network offers a gripping collection of original premium gay porn, featuring 55 exclusive series, 3,000 scenes and 7 updates weekly,

exploring a wide – and wild – variety of genres and erotic scenarios that include taboo affairs, power dynamics, fauxcest, age gap and men who simply enjoy other men.

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