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YNOT Channy Crossfire Is A Goddess Amongst Us

YNOT Channy Crossfire Is A Goddess Amongst Us

Superstar Channy Crossfire needs your help to advance in the worldwide “Goddess Among Us: The Search For The Most Beautiful Woman In The World” competition.

Please vote daily here.

This travel and reality competition series will explore different cultures and customs around the world in a search to crown one woman “the most beautiful woman in the world.” This isn’t your standard beauty contest. It goes deeper. Much deeper. For more details, please check out the YouTube video.

“Channy Crossfire is unlike any other performer you will speak with inside the industry today,” states Sherman from the EMMREPORT. “Her commitment to helping others inside and out of the industry is unparalleled and always makes for a great discussion.”

Channy also followed up on her first interview with the EMMREPORT from 2022. The discussion went deep into health and mental issues affecting sex workers, something Channy is very passionate about, “This interview reminded me that making it through the “other side” is messy, yet there’s still beauty in the struggle of remembering who you are, finding yourself again & tapping into the resilient spirit that’s still deep inside all of us.” –Channy Crossfire

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