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Why Noisy Sex Is Often Better Sex

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September 27, 2021 by Justin Lehmiller

What does it sound like when you have sex? Is there any dirty talk? What about panting, moaning, and/or grunting? While people vary in their personal preferences for erotic sounds (both hearing them and making them), research shows that, on average, people tend to find noisier sex to be more arousing.

Noise is often part of our sexual fantasies, too. In fact, in the survey of more than 4,000 Americans’ sex fantasies that formed the basis for my book Tell Me What You Want, I found that 9 in 10 people reported having fantasies that involved dirty talk.

So how can dirty talk and other erotic noises enhance sex? Check out the video below to learn more about what research in this area has found.

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Image Source: Unsplash/Emiliano Vittoriosi

Video Created by: Katie Adams

Written by

Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Founder & Owner of Sex and Psychology

Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a social psychologist and Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. He runs the Sex and Psychology blog and podcast and is author of the popular book Tell Me What You Want. Dr. Lehmiller is an award-winning educator, and a prolific researcher who has published more than 50 academic works.

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