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Why My Sex Toy Material Is Better Than Yours

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Sex Toy Material Is Important

With an overwhelming selection of sex toys to choose from, you need to ask an important question – What is the difference between sex toy material? Answering this question could make all the difference when  purchasing a product. This is a complete guide which will inform you all about CyberSkin, Elastic, Latex, Plastic, Rubber, Jelly and Glass materials.


Mens masturbators are now made from a material which is commonly known as CyberSkin, it feels extremely lifelike and my god it’s amazing. If you have a Fleshlight or any other product made with this type of material, you should know how good it really feels!  Adult Lifestyle Company Topco Sales originally used CyberSkin in their “Average Joe” product range, who accredit its discovery to an injection molding machine that was originally made by NASA the National Aeronautics and Space Administration!

I mean how is cool that? The main ingredient that goes into the making of this material is Polyvinyl Chloride and Silicone, these ingredients are what it feel elastic and human like. Since CyberSkin is made from Silicone it is recommended to use it with a water based lubricant such as Wet Stuff or a sex toy friendly lubricant like SuperSlyde.

superslyde lube


Elastic is an extremely broad term since there are numerous elastic mixes available which are used to make sex toys. Dildos are often made from elastic since the material provides a solid and tough structure which helps to keep it erect. On the off chance that you see the term “regular elastic” printed on a sex toy box, the term is another name for latex which originates from plants like the Elastic Tree. Elastic is easy to clean, you can use some mild soap and warm water or you can use some antibacterial spray. Elastic can also be phthalate free and is available at different prices.


Sex toys which say that are made from latex, normally have a layer of latex covering the surface of the sex toy whilst the interior of the sex toy is made from a different material like foam. They often feel exceptionally smooth to the touch but when you squeeze the sex toy in your hands it will feel squidgy. It is known as an extremely solid material which is why it is used to make condoms and surgical gloves. It is recommended to use sex toys made from latex with water based lubricants. They should also be cleaned thoroughly after use with antibacterial cleaner.

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Plastic is a prevalent choice for sex toys due to its firm and durable nature. Often chosen for its hypoallergenic properties, plastic is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. It offers a rigid structure, ideal for precise stimulation. Moreover, plastic is non-porous, making it easy to clean and maintain.

This material can efficiently transmit vibrations, enhancing the effectiveness of vibratory toys. Whether you prefer external or internal toys, plastic provides a reliable and safe option for enhancing your sexual wellness.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Plastic?

  • Limited Sensory Experience: Plastic’s hard and rigid nature may not provide the comfort or varied sensory experience that softer materials like silicone offer, potentially making it less suitable for those who prefer a more lifelike feel.
  • Aesthetic and Texture Limitations: Plastic lacks the warmth and adaptability of materials like CyberSkin or glass. Its appearance and texture can feel less luxurious, which might detract from the overall sensual experience for some users.

Rubber And Jelly

Rubber and Jelly sex toys were originally mass produced since they are extremely affordable to make which is one of the reasons why they were so popular.  Although they are budget friendly, they use chemicals to make the material soft, flexible and clear. Some of the chemicals which are used include phthalates which are not safe to use with the body since they are toxic. In fact, some of the toxins have been banned in the United States Of America and in Europe.

If you decide to buy a Rubber or Jelly sex toy, it is recommended to place a condom over it so it does not get in contact with your body. These materials are considered to be porous which means they can trap harmful bacteria within its pores, these products will need to be thoroughly cleaned after each use with antibacterial cleaner.


The glass which is used in sex toys is strong, hypo allergenic, non-porous and can be easily cleaned. These sex toys can last you a lift time if you take care of them. Pipedream Products has designed a glass sex toy product range which is called “Icicles”. These products are made from tempered glass which means if you drop it or use it, it will not shatter.

Glass is very resilient and 1 inch glass can hold 3,000 pounds of pressure. You never have to worry about it shattering while inside your body. I’ve dropped one on tiles before, it didn’t even chip the toy but broke a tile instead.

Glass is great for temperature play as you can easily heat it up in warm water. I love using glass sex toys on cold nights. During summer you can also place the sex toy in a fridge or freezer to cool it off before use.

Making The Right Choice

These days it is common to find sex toys that are made to feel soft, luxurious and velvety. There is now a huge range of high quality sex toys available. Online stores like Adultsmart and physical shops like Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres are available. If you buy only at Adultsmart, they offers discreet shipping worldwide. They also regularly offer special discounts so that you are able to find yourself a bargain!

Understanding the material of your sex toy is crucial for safety and pleasure. CyberSkin, elastic, latex, plastic, rubber, jelly, and glass each offer unique benefits and considerations. Choose hypoallergenic, non-porous materials like glass for durability and safety. Always prioritize body-safe options and consider the specific properties of each material to enhance your sexual experience. Be informed, be safe, and explore the vast array of high-quality sex toys available on the market. Find the perfect match for your personal preferences and needs.




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