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Why are men afraid of independent women?

Men afraid of independent women

Men afraid of independent women
Why are men afraid of independent women

Why are men afraid of independent women? I know you’re wondering why men feel so comfortable to settle for less, when they should go for the best, even when the best is easily accessible to them.

What do men want? Most ladies can’t stop asking this question. The more they try to figure out, the more confused they get, We were meant to believe that men are more attracted to confident and independent ladies, that they would rather go for women who are known to be assets, than women who are liabilities, but it seems reverse is the case.

We see more of independent and financially stable women who are single, but of marriageable age. While some of them keep having disappointment in their relationship, some are yet to get any serious suitor.

These are women who might have the intention of supporting their spouse in achieving a lovely home. But unfortunately, it seems as though their financial status is a major constraint to that.

In some parts of the world, women are encouraged to devote more time with domestic chores, rather than self development, they were encouraged to be hardworking, but not to be workaholic. So as to strike a balance between their home and work.

These seems to be ambiguous, as men are equally advised to avoid dating women who have nothing to bring to the table, as majority of them are known to have high standard and equally materialistic

Often times, we hear most men complain about having a woman depend solely on them for everything including their toiletries, yet same men find it challenging to date an independent woman. So what could be the reason for this ambiguity and confusion which seems to be common in the lives of so most  men?

In as much as we try to generalize the assertion that men are afraid of independent women, there are still exceptions to this. Not every man is afraid to be with an independent woman, to some it is their spec.

In other words, we have to specifically list out and discuss the type of men who falls into this category.

Types of men afraid of independent women.

Men with low self esteem.

This is the most significant type of men who are afraid to date independent women

People with low self esteem are prone to settle for less, because they underestimate themselves, hence they find it difficult setting a quality standard for their life.

They may desire success, but are scared of striving for it because they they think less of themselves and feel they ain’t qualified for it. Same is applicable to men with low esteem. They may desire an independent women, but their low esteem makes it feel like a threat to their worth. They actually need an independent woman to complement their effort, but they want a woman below their standard in other not to feel threatened or a bruise in their ego. These can only be caused by low self esteem.

Men with low ambitions.

Another category of men afraid of independent women are men with low ambitions.

Men with low ambitions have the greatest tendency to feel threatened by an independent women because they feel they won’t be regarded due to the difference in status. They don’t want a woman who would put them in a rivalry position or competition.

They feel more comfortable when they are restricted within their circle, unlike their counter parts, with high ambition drive. Sometimes, the success of a woman is what triggers the motivation in them to strive harder as a man often desires to lead.

Men who are autocratic or bossy in nature.

These type of men love exhibiting their supremacy on women, they are bossy in nature, and would want to dominate and  exercise their authority at every point. Such men love to be in control, and will see an independent women as their threat. Why? Because they feel that women are more submissive when they have to be indebted to a man for their up keeps and emotional needs.

Emotionally abusive men.

Another category of men afraid of independent women are men who are emotionally abusive to their women. Women with no source of income are usually their victims, most times they use finance as a bait to manipulate them emotionally, a dependent woman is a prey to an emotionally toxic man, because she has to apologize when she’s not at fault, plead for peace to reign even when she did nothing wrong, just to maintain the supply of income.

So why are men actually afraid of independent women? What triggers this phobia? And how can it be curbed.

Men afraid of independent womenMen afraid of independent women
Why are men afraid of independent women

Why are men afraid of independent women.

Wrong perception about them.

The assertion that independent women are disrespectful and un submissive. This is a wrong assertion and assumption which has made a lot of men loose good women.

Money can influence people irrespective of their gender, it is often said that the best time to know someone’s true personality is only when they become successful. Why this opinion is widely accepted, it is still subjective and not based on true facts. There are lots of exception to this .

Most times, people’s character are inherent, it doesn’t matter their financial status or class. Whether or not there’s transformation. There are still lots of dependent women with mischievous character.

Most times, the respect some women accord to their men are not really based on their personality, but on their status. Such respect can diminish with a change in their financial status. In other words, being submissive has nothing to do with a woman’s financial status, but majorly her personality. There’s more to submission than financial status.

The need to secure their Ego

In as much as some men crave for independent women, it still doesn’t erase the fact that men generally love to provide. Their need for dominance is seen in the fact that they always strife to have streams or multiple source of income, in other to maintain that status of being the provider. A man naturally wants to lead in every aspect, including financial aspects, so he would rather feel comfortable earning higher than the other way round.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of rejection is another remarkable answer to the question. Why are men afraid of independent women. Independent women are not just women with stable source of income. They also possess Emotional stability . These kind of women are threat to the Alpha males. They can’t settle for less, they would rather remain single than be in an abusive relationship. Most times, they are single because they are being extremely careful and picky. They know their worth and can’t just accept any date. Men are attracted to them, but a handful of them are scared to get close because they are afraid of being rejected.

fear of negligence.

A man is primarily created to be the provider, while a woman is primarily known as the keeper. Most successful men are scared of independent women because they feel that they would make their career their priority, rather than their home, thus neglecting their domestic responsibility. This fear is validated by the fact that career women are workaholic in nature.

In conclusion, there’s no stated fact that independent women are non marriage material. Those are  just speculated assumptions. It takes a confident man to attract a confident woman. Men who understand this concept, would never fall prey to a woman below their standard all in the name of dominance.

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