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What’s the review on the Wild Secrets Instinct Masturbator?


I’ve ordered one since it was on sale for 45%
(Originally 288.95CAD, got it for 158.92CAD) And wondering how my experience will be. This is my first “hands free” fleshlight.

Ive only have the classic Angela White Anal fleshlight before this and wondering how it maybe compares to that.

I’ve bought the full package so it comes with everything including the headphones and wall mount etc. I’ve only used the Angela White fleshlight manually.

Also not sure this is the place to ask but I’ll ask in case, feel free to ignore this part if it doesn’t belong.

I’m a male If it wasn’t obvious and I’m wondering how fleshlights effect overall enjoyment of hand masturbation. I bought the Angela White fleshlight and don’t use it as often as I thought I initially would. I’m wondering if it’ll be the same sortve scenario or if it’ll be different since I can have a “hands free” experience.

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