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What should be my first sex toy or clothing item? Looking…


Just a little about myself, I’ve experimented with kink before, but nothing like owning my own toys or clothing. Just soft bdsm play, some feminization, but nothing big. I’ve always known and wanted to be super kinky, and now that I have the time (at least more free time determined by me if that makes sense), I’m ready to get going.

I finally have some money I can spend on this passion of mine (I’m not in a bad position or anything, just finally have some more disposable income then previously thought), but I don’t know where to start. There’s so much that I’d love to own, but I know I have to start somewhere, so where should I start?

Any advice from anyone’s personal experiences would be much appreciated. I have about $100 to spend, and will hopefully have more in the following weeks.

My kinks include, and apologies if this is tmi: Leather/latex/any sort of sexy clothing, femme, bondage, sissification, bdsm, petplay, chastity, pegging, service play, and a lot more that gets into specifics (I’m an open book so ask away in the comments).

Any beginners or experts know the best first step? I don’t know what I’ll get an opportunity to buy something for myself again, so I want to make sure this is something worth getting until my next purchase.

Anyways, thanks for reading 🙂 Hopefully my problem isn’t weird.

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