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We-Vibe Vector app sucks, while Lovense Edge slips out if u…


I got the Lovense Edge 2 a year and a half ago, then decided to pick up the We-Vibe Vector+ with last Black Friday sales, to compare.

Both have good vibrations. The Lovense Edge’s vibrations are stronger. The We-Vibe Vector is more what you might call “rumbly”. No complaints about the vibration for either toy,

But each one has it’s own one big disadvantage, unfortunately.

[The Vector’s is that the app wants to disconnect]( every time we use it. It’s harder to get the Bluetooth pairing up and running, and much worse for long-distance control pairing and staying connected. It does have a separate remote, so I’ve had my girlfriend use that a few times while we were out taking secluded walks. It’s OK, stimulates me in a way that gets me turned on, but it just sucks that the We-Vibe app is troublesome.

The Lovense (Edge’s) app is smoother, have not had it disconnect. [Our hottest long-distance times are]( when I’m using it sitting at my place and she’s relaxing with her Lovense at her place, and we can sync the vibration – feels very responsive.

Yet the Edge 2’s disadvantage for some people is that they’re wanting to wear it like a normal butt plug, walk around with it in. And it will start to slide out, because of the base’s largesse. Best to sit on it.

Here’s a pros and cons summary I wrote out: [Edge vs. Vector, also with a size comparison photo]( to show how the Edge 2 is larger.

With either toy, I don’t think they’re necessarily the best thing if you’re new to prostate stimulation and expecting an amazing mindblowing fantastic orgasm right away – though that could be said of all prostate toys, since it’s a learning process to “rewire” to enjoy more. Vibrators feel great in a different way, but aren’t necessarily my go-to for the best orgasms. I do quite enjoy our Edge sessions together, but when I’m alone, I am most likely to choose either the Pure wand or my fucking machine with super-soft silicone dildo mounted on.

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