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Want to buy the strongest wand vibe ever


okay- quick rundown:
i’m a trans man, i’ve been on testosterone, testosterone has made changes to my anatomy, and bullet vibes used to work but are too small for my equipment down there. I take depression meds and the changes on hormones has made some things more difficult regarding orgasms.

i have a viben wand (obsession) but it’s dying (lights don’t work anymore, plus it is very clearly slowing down) and i know it’ll kick the bucket soon. it was good, but not strong enough for me, and the fact that it had an annoying amount of patterns but only 3 steady intensities was frustrating. I need steady and strong vibrations- patterns do nothing for me.

i know doxy is strong, but apparently they’re known to die or break quickly- and there are many different versions, which i don’t know which one to choose. I know magic wand is also supposedly good, but there’s a lot of different opinions on the various types available, like the magic wand plus or magic wand rechargeable. I can and will spend money on one i know is the strongest on the market, i just need help.

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