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Valentine’s Gift Guide – She Bop’s Blog

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is around the corner! This V-Day, let us help you prioritize intimacy and choose a gift for your lover(s) or yourself. We’ve filled this gift guide with diverse toys to spark your interest. Whether you celebrate with a partner, polycule, friends, or solo, we hope you can take some time to give back to your body. At She Bop, orgasms are for every body.

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Give yourself and a partner the gift of butt stuff! The Regii Anal Plug Set by Biird comes with two thoughtfully-designed anal plugs. One small, one larger, both made of silky body-safe silicone. This inexpensive set is great for newbies, for those looking to train and level up, or for two folks wanting to delve into the joys of anal play. Don’t forget the lube! ($22)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog RiinSet Blog

If you’re looking for an affordable entry into penis rings, the Riin C-Ring Set by Biird is just that. This set comes with 3 differently-sized rings, so you can find the right fit for you. Or perhaps you’re a polyamorous lover and want to share amongst partners with multiple sizes? The Riin Set comes in a gorgeous blue pouch so you can take your c-rings on the go. Pair this with the Regii set for the ultimate V-day gift! ($12)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog DameCandle WildLust Blog

Set the mood for an intimate evening with Dame’s Massage Oil Candle. We love this candle for its easy-to-pour spout that helps minimize messes. Simply light the candle, let it melt, then slowly pour the wax onto the skin. Dame’s plant-based formula is kava-infused to ensure a relaxing experience, with a sweet and musky scent of lime leaves, ambrette, and white peach. ($39)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog Sync O Blog

Introducing the Sync O: the new and innovative wearable vibrator by We-Vibe! Its C-shaped design allows for both penetration and external stimulation. The outer arm rests against the clitoris while the flexible O-shaped inner arm fits comfortably in the vagina, ensuring the vibes stay right where you want them. With this toy, both partners can enjoy the vibrations. It can also be excellent for vulva-to-vulva play. The Sync O comes with a remote control and is app-compatible for long-distance fun. The pleasure possibilities are endless! ($179)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog Rave2 Blog

Calling all G-spot stimulation lovers, this one’s for you! Enjoy the second generation of the We-Vibe Rave. This insertable vibe features an asymmetrical shape so you can target the G-spot by twisting the toy back and forth. Plus, you can gently bend the middle of the toy to adjust the angle. The Rave 2 has 2 motors that can be adjusted independently, and it can also be controlled with an app, at any distance. Since the Rave 2 is waterproof, imagine enjoying a nice bath and letting your lover take control. Or set the vibe patterns to your favorite song and really have yourself a rave. ($139)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog Duo2 Blog

If you’re seeking G-spot AND clitoral stim, might we recommend the Womanizer Duo 2? This unique and premium toy provides both internal vibrations and clitoral stimulation via pleasure air technology. It features 14 levels of intensity, 10 vibe patterns, a waterproof design, and Smart Silence Technology for discretion. Whether you’re a first timer to airflow toys or want a luxurious new product in you arsenal, the Womanizer Duo 2 is sure to provide perfect pleasure combinations. ($219)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog LayaIII Blog

For those who enjoy external stimulation of all varieties, we love the Laya III. This third generation of Fun Factory‘s #1 bestselling toy has returned with an upgraded motor and textured ridges. The Laya III is designed to “lay on” (intentional pun) your body’s curves while fitting comfortably in your palm. Use this vibe to stimulate the clitoris and labia or erogenous zones like the balls, penis shaft, and breasts. The Laya III, made by this legendary German brand, is fun for all bodies! ($109)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog TantusPOP Blog

Get ejaculation on-demand with the POP Squirting Dildo! You read that right: a dildo that squirts. Using a plastic tube and a syringe, this well-designed dildo makes your wet and wild fantasies come true. All components are removable and dishwasher-safe. Plus, the tube sits flush with the base, making this dildo harness compatible. For folks trying to conceive, this can also be used for artificial insemination. ($139)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog SpartacusHeartCrops Blog

While we’re talking fantasies, perhaps a little BDSM is on that list for the holiday. Tap into your dominant side with these heart-shaped crops by Spartacus, available in green and shiny purple. What better way to show your love than with heart-shaped spankings? These crops are made of vegan faux leather and feature a rubber handle for a comfortable grip. Spartacus is Portland-based, making this a local gift too. ($39)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog StockroomWandHarness Blog

Looking for a brand new bedroom experience to shake things up? Try the versatile Wand Thigh Harness by Stockroom. This harness allows you to secure a vibrating wand massager around a thigh or other object — for hands-free fun. What, who, or where you decide to strap the harness to, is up to you! There’s also an opening to hold a standard dildo in tandem with a wand. This is a good addition for anyone’s toolbox that may have mobility issues as well. ($59)

Valentine's Gift Guide – She Bop's Blog Lorals2Colors Blog

Safer sex products are for all bodies — including vulvas! Make cunnilingus and rimming super easy with Lorals wearable oral sex undies. They come in a 4-pack in two styles, Shortie and Bikini, and two colors, opaque black and the NEW light pink sheer. Lorals are vegan, gluten-free, vanilla-scented, and flavorless. They’re now eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement too! ($25)

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