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Unveiling Big Box of Surprise Toys


We have been married 20 years, each in our mid-40s. Sex has been up and down.

I came back from a recent business trip and the old toy box was taken from the closet. Probably haven’t opened in a decade. She gave a wry grin and said she wanted to break out the old toys. Said “I thought we had nipple clamps?”

I opened the box and it had some cheap plastic and cyberskin toys I know now are unsafe. So I am going to trash them all, and ordered a big box of replacements, maybe 10 items.

Long story long, when the box arrives tomorrow, how should I surprise here with it? Like all at once, or one at a time? I was thinking the latter to introduce each item (some similar) to test it out, then can begin combining?

I kind of want a big horny present, but thought it could be overwhelming. Thoughts?

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