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Toy for backdoor play while disabled


Hello, I am extremely new to anything having to do with toys for self pleasure. I am physically disabled, my disability doesn’t allow to me to bend, turn, or use my arm how one would normally do while using a toy back there.

I am hoping someone from this sub can help me find a toy that would work for me. I am looking for something thin, not super long, but has a very very long handle. I saw a toy that I thought would work great but I can’t post the image here. It is number 3 on this list

The flexibility to adjust how the toy faces and the long handle looked like they would work perfectly, but the company is no longer selling the toy.

I should mention that any backdoor play I do would be me controlling the toy from the top of my butt while laying down on my side/stomach. My body won’t allow me to use a toy back there from the front/going between my legs.

thank you in advance for any help or advice ❤️

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