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Tips for Selecting Adult Sex Toys

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The Increasing Popularity of Adult Sex Toys

Adult sex toys are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a way to add more excitement to sexual experiences, prolong the duration of sex, explore new sensations, and enhance the intimacy between partners. Whether for couples or individuals, sex toys can offer a unique and pleasurable experience, promoting sexual relationships, increasing excitement, and improving overall sexual satisfaction.

However, for beginners, the wide variety and diverse functionalities of sex toys can make it a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right one.

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So, How Can Beginners Choose the Right Sex Toy For Themselves?

1.Discovering Sensitive Parts of The Body

First of all, it is important to understand that there are significant individual differences between people. Therefore, in order to find a sex toy that fits your body structure best and brings pleasure, it is essential to first understand your own body and discover its sensitive areas, and find the secrets to achieving sexual satisfaction.


When it comes to orgasm, many people may immediately think of the vagina, but everyone’s orgasmic sensitive points are different. Over 90% of women can achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation, 30% can achieve orgasm through vaginal friction, and some individuals can achieve orgasm through the cervix (A-spot).

In other words, simply inserting into the vagina does not guarantee sexual pleasure for everyone. For most individuals, the probability of achieving sexual satisfaction is higher through clitoral stimulation.

Furthermore, common sensitive areas include the nipples, neck, inner thighs, waist, and ears. These areas can be explored gradually using a partner or one’s own hands to discover their sensitivity levels.

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Understanding Various Adult Sex Toys

Toys can be roughly divided into three categories:

Entry-level: Love Eggs

For beginners or novices, I recommend starting with a love egg or a massager-type product. These types of products are lightweight, portable, and offer concentrated vibrations with a wide range of uses. They can assist you in experiencing ultimate pleasure by stimulating the clitoris or other sensitive areas during initial usage. Additionally, they can be used for vibration exploration all over the body, helping you discover your own unique erogenous zones.

As an entry-level sex toy, it offers excellent maneuverability and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. It helps beginners fully explore their bodies and understand their needs. Although it is entry-level, there are still some considerations when choosing one.

1.Choose a silicone material, as it offers a more skin-like and comfortable texture, and is also safer and healthier for the body.

2.Select an appropriate size, as a smaller love egg can better adapt to your movements and help you find the most comfortable angle.

3.Avoid choosing products with complex textures, as they are not easy to clean and may harbor bacteria. Moreover, the texture does not significantly impact the experience.

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Intermediate Level: Suction-Based Sex Toys

Once you have acquired certain skills and are seeking a more pleasurable experience, we recommend trying suction-based sex toys.

These toys use suction and airflow generated by the suction mouth to stimulate sensitive areas, especially the clitoris. The intense stimulation provided by these toys can offer a more intense pleasure compared to external vibrations or finger stimulation. However, due to the small size of the suction mouth, finding the clitoris may require some skill and technique. Therefore, if you want to experience this type of toy, it is necessary to acquire certain skills and methods.

Advanced Level: Insertable Sex Toys

Insertable sex toys provide a lifelike sensation of penetration and are designed to stimulate the vagina and G-spot. When combined with dual stimulation of the clitoris, they can offer an exceptional level of pleasure. However, using insertable sex toys requires a higher level of skill and the suitability of these toys varies depending on individual preferences.

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