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The Wife Who Desires Them

two bags of sugar erotic story

Rosie led Marcus into the small, dim room. She sat close to her husband and wrapped her arms around his. Still, she knew he remained uneasy about her decision for tonight.

To ease him, she turned his face to hers. “This is a gift. I’ve wanted this but have always been too shy. I’m brave tonight though.” She kissed him quickly on the cheek.

The black curtains swished and opened. A tall woman appeared.

Rosie bounced excitedly when she entered.

“That’s her, that’s Senna,” Rosie whispered excitedly. “She’s gorgeous!”

Senna graced the room with exotic beauty and exuded courage. She walked from here to there in her spiked high heels. She was draped simply in gold tinsel. The tinsel twisted and circled her torso, crisscrossing each heavy breast and wrapping around her waist and thighs.

Rosie let her eyes roam over the woman’s body and smiled when she noticed round ball ornaments dangling from each brown nipple. Rosie felt excitement surge throughout her body. Without realizing, she cuddled her arms against her chest, as if clinging to a precious yet invisible doll.

Senna easily hooked the pair with her lustfulness.

“Merry Christmas, Rosie,” she said with a voice that oozed. Then she ran her hand over Marcus’s lap. “And a happy holiday hard-on to you.”

Beginning her dance and dragging her hands through her hair, Senna allowed her breasts to sway. She shifted her hips as if doing a Hawaiian Hula. Then she double-timed her hips, which shook her whole body.

She let the ornaments dangle in Marcus’s face. She leaned forward and feigned a kiss to Marcus. She pulled back. Instead, she turned to Rosie. They kissed, eyes closed and tongues playing. Rosie pulling Senna’s head closer in passion.

Marcus only stared at them, a dumbfounded stare and an opened jaw.

Their kiss broke, and Rosie brushed her tongue across her own lips. “Sugar plum?”

Senna winked knowingly.

Senna didn’t give Marcus time to collect his mind. She straddled him. Her body moved liquidly over his lap. She rocked her hips, grinding with an unheard, rhythmic beat. In her play, she turned away to let him watch her ass bounce, the flesh wiggling wildly.

Then Rosie saw enough of Senna on Marcus, so she left. She knew her husband would not notice her disappearance.

Senna continued to press herself hard on Marcus to make sure his cock remained stiffened. She reengaged her forward-facing grind. She lifted her tits and let the ornaments wiggle merrily until they fell into Marcus’s lap. The man had been possessed. He reached for her breasts, but Senna slapped them. She backed away before he could touch her breasts.

Marcus turned to Rosie. “Where’d—?”

Senna smiled. “We saved the best package for last.”

two bags of sugar erotic story

Rosie pulled back the black curtain. She wore a short, unbuttoned Christmas sweater and a garter belt of tinsel. She strutted with Senna’s same grace and courage.

Rosie strode across the room. She danced and slowly came to her husband. She stopped, peeked over her shoulder toward him, and bent over to pick up an invisible something for Marcus’s pleasure.

She knelt before Marcus and glanced up. She unwrapped his pants and kissed his dick. She then slid it into her mouth.

However, her body jolted, and she nearly choked on his cock when Senna’s hands slid around her and tugged her hardened nipples. Senna’s hands slinked into Rosie’s pussy. The long fingers gracefully petted Rosie’s clit.

Senna’s massage spun Rosie’s mind and caused electricity to course from her heart to her fingertips. She worked harder on Marcus, as an involuntary reaction.

Rosie heard Marcus grunt, so she worked harder. After a tiny spritz of precum on her tongue, his warm cum filled her mouth. She swished it around in her mouth, feeling the same texture as a raw oyster.

Seeing his orgasm, Senna attended intensely to Rosie, leading to her peak.

As Senna let the couple recoup, Rosie whispered, “She was gorgeous.”

“No,” Marcus disagreed, “you are.”

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