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The “It” Product of the Summer: Lube! Sex Therapy in

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There frequently seems to be a myth that lubricants are only for people with vaginas who struggle with vaginal dryness. That is absolutely not the case. There is a lube for everyone and every type of sex. Sex researcher Debby Herbenick found in a research study that the use of lubrication was associated with more pleasurable and satisfying sex and masturbation. Not only can lubricants make sex more enjoyable, but they can also make sex safer! Yes, you heard that right. When having sex with a condom, using a lubricant makes it less likely for the condom to rip or tear, therefore decreasing your risk of pregnancy and STI transmission. Lube can also reduce the chance of tears in your skin, which again decreases your risk of STI transmission. Keep reading for some more things to consider as you start to incorporate lube into your sex life. 

The History of Lube

Lube is not a new concept, in fact, it has been around for thousands of years. Around 350 BCE, people were using olive oil to help things glide more easily during vaginal and anal sex. Just to be clear, DIY lubricants are no longer recommended, particularly for penetrative sex. K-Y Jelly became the first product to be marketed and sold as a personal lubricant in 1917, however, it was only available by prescription from your doctor until the 1980s. In the 80s, lube continued to take off to where it is today, commonplace and easily purchased at most grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Different types of lubes and what to consider when you buy:

Clitoral stimulation vibrator covered in lube. Lube is gaining in popularity lately and a Plymouth, MN sex and relationship therapist can help. Read on for help in Plymouth, MN 55447 | 55441 | 55442

Water-based lube: This is a versatile option, which can be used solo, with a partner, with a condom, or with sex toys. Water-based lubes are compatible with every sex toy material, including silicone, which is not the case for all other lubes. 
Silicone Lube: This is typically considered one of the most long-lasting lubricants, therefore, it is typically recommended for penetrative sex whether that is vaginal or anal. Because silicone lubes are more slippery and don’t dry out as quickly, silicone lube can also be used for water play. They are compatible with condoms, but not with silicone toys, so beware of that before using. 
Oil-based Lube: This is a great option when you do not plan on having penetrative sex. Oil-based lubes are not recommended for internal use (vaginally or anally) but are a great steamy addition to male solo sex or an erotic massage. 
Specialty Lubes: There are also a wide variety of fun lubricants to help add some spice to your sex life. This can include flavored lubes, warming and tingling lubes, and THC-infused lubes. It might be important to do more research to ensure that these lubes are right for you. Some things to remember are that flavored lubes are best for adding a delicious taste to your next oral sex adventure but are not as great for penetrative sex. Pleasure-enhancing lubricants can be a fun way to increase sensations, but it is important to test the lubricant on your wrist or arm before your genitals to make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction. Similarly, THC-infused lubricants have a sensitizing effect but are only available in some states and for people over the age of 21. 

Lube is amazing, why isn’t everyone using it?

Find the Best Lube for You

Personal lubricant on a peach background with shells. Lube is gaining in popularity lately and a Plymouth, MN sex and relationship therapist can help. Read on for help with sex therapy in Plymouth, MN 55311 | 55305 | 55343

I am predicting that this embarrassment is about to change because lube is having a moment. Gone are the days when your lube comes in a dingy plastic tube that you want to hide away and causes a mess every time you use it. Now lube is coming in chic packaging that makes it resemble a high-end beauty product. Brands like Maude, Bloomi, Foria, and Dame, are all going to great lengths to make sure that their bottles are so aesthetic that you want to display them proudly on your nightstand. Want to join the lubricant movement? Figure out what type of lube is best for you, find a bottle that pleases your eyes, and show off that bottle where people can see it. It can be a great conversation starter and it could drastically improve your sexual pleasure. 

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