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The Best Vibrators of Trystology’s Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY

Hi, Trystologists!!! It’s been far too long, and truth be told, we missed you! So much, in fact, we’re spilling all the goods about vibrators with:

The Best Vibrators of Trystology’s Toy Chest ~ Holiday Edition!!

Why the Holiday Edition, you ask? Because maybe, just maybe, Trystology has a reason other than ALL the holiday sales, and marketing, and “stuff, stuff, stuff!” to be posting one of these this week, so… why now?

Well, yes, the holidays are here. I state that without exclamation because a lot can go with “the holiday season,” can’t it? I normally enjoy the holidays greatly, and can still find this time overwhelming while constantly keeping me on my toes.

So whether we partnered or flying solo with bells on, how can we balance the Naughty and Nice list this season?

And to that, we say…

Have some great orgasms! Like, reeeeally great ones…

Plan your night around it, great. Wear lingerie for it, grreat. Wear nothing… YES!

Let’s first set the holiday vibe for this “best of the toy chest…”

The best vibrators of Trystology’s toy chest can, yes, be used to get you there fast, but can also be used to delicately enhance, pleasure, or tease. Vibration is wonderful, and can enhance pleasure for anyone, accompanied or alone. Whether you’re the proud owner of any combination of the following: an anus, clitoris, g-spot, inguinal canals, labia, nipples, penis, perineum, prostate, testicles, vagina, vulva, or ANY OTHER EROGENOUS ZONE – vibration may be something that could, or already does excite your sex life!

Let’s also remember that not all vibration is made to do the same thing!

Some toys strongly buzz, some delicately tickle, some can power through denim jeans, while others rumble low and slow. Each is engaging our nerve network a little differently.

This is intentional! First, most of us need a little “warming up” to get in the mood, and right when we start our intimate encounters, things don’t usually need to be at full-blast on the bits, even if sparks are flying. That’s why most pleasure products, no matter their “type” of buzz, have some various settings and ranges. As a general rule of thumb, vibrators that sport more of a rumble are made to stimulate nerves deep within tissue. Rumbly vibrations permeate the top layer of skin, and are felt deeper within the body. Super buzzy vibrators, no matter how “high” or intense they’re set, activate the nerves directly underneath the skin – the surface level ones.

Some people need a lot to get “there.” Some don’t, and there’s no right or wrong to whatever method helps you most! As always, so long and consent and communication remain paramount and are safely revisited, the sky’s the limit for your pleasure and your orgasm, no matter what you like! Vibration can allow you to enjoy climaxing for longer, and can also empower you to watch your partner squirm. (Wet emoji)

If you actually read this far, congratulations, and even if you didn’t, (you rush in bed too, don’t you…), here’s the list!

Get ready, babes, cuz this shit is organized.

Feel the love. Feel it! Oooooooooh!

ALSO!!! The Best Vibrators of Trystology’s Toy Chest has SUB-SECTIONS!!! They are:

Tender – Sweet vibrating toys that tickle and tease, but won’t blow you away…

Trembling – These vibrators have range. Whereas a slow setting is available, this category also turns up the heat!

Turbo – Calling all power-tool seekers! This category is for you. If you KNOW your orgasm packs a punch, just look here. Mmmkay, Turbo?

(Anyone else turned on by this organization? Or… is this just me?

I digress…)

Clitoral Vibrators

The buzz starts with the one and only human organ meant strictly for pleasure! Yes, the clitoris is truly in a league of it’s own. Much bigger than most people know, it could be said that the clitoris is the throne of the female orgasm. The visible part of the clitoris is located right under the clitoral hood above the vaginal opening, but the clitoris itself runs underneath the surface of the labia, and networks around the vagina like a boomerang. Clitoral arousal depends on intensity of blood-flow, similar to the erection of a penis.

TenderWe-Vibe – Touch X!

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 11

We-Vibe Touch X: There are so many beautiful clitoral vibrators on the market, but something we know is this… vibration there feels f*cking incredible for most women. Those are just the facts. Touch X is an easily held vibrator that has a wide, yet gently pointed tip. It’s perfect for massaging and teasing! It’s also a wonderful first vibrator! If you’re looking to explore your other erogenous zones, or your partner’s, give We-Vibe’s Touch X a whirl!


TremblingDame – Kip

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY Untitled design 1
The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 12

Dame – Kip: The Dame Kip is trembling because of it’s shape! This lil’ baby may not look like much, but this triangular shape makes it all kinds of fun. The low is actually low, which we here at Trystology find super appealing to many shoppers. However, it has a nice buzzy and rumbly high. The intensity of this tool comes from how lightly or heavily it is pressed into the skin. Waterproof? Yep. Fabulous? Mmmhmm.


Turbo Crave – Vesper

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY crave women s toys vibrating rechargeable crave vesper rose gold 16417933918269 2000x
The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 13

Crave – Vesper: Talk about the sneakiest lil’ vibrator you ever did see, Vesper can actually be worn as a necklace. You heard me… this is modern jewelry, babe. These vibes come in gold, rose gold, and silver, they’re a little longer than one inch, they are powerful, and best yet… they are silent. Shhhhh… Looking for some no-no on the go?! Actually though, here you go!


Prostate Vibrators

Prostate stimulation can be, and is for many, a magnificent way to enhance the male orgasm. So… what’s the big deal, and how is this done?

Well, let’s put it this way… every human body is filled with nerve centers – many of which exist between the start of the perineum, (the area right behind the genitals on men, women, and non-binary individuals that extends to the anus), back to the anus, and yes, even inside the rectum itself. For obvious reasons, our human nature mandates that we are able to feel that area to monitor health concerns, but all individuals can achieve pleasure this way. Especially prostate owners.

When pressure or vibrators are applied to prostate, a more full orgasm can be achieved for it’s owner. The prostate is locate generally 3-5 inches inside of the rectum, and prostate owners can ejaculate from pressure here alone. Worth a try? We think so…

Pro-tip: LUBE. Lube, lube, lube. Lube. Got it?

TenderAneros – Helix Syn V

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY Untitled design 2
The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 14

Aneros – Helix Syn V is our “first step” for prostate tools, and yes… this is arguable. There’s a reason we’re putting it on here. As far as girth is concerned, this is not a thick tool. This prostate vibrator is slender and made of hard silicone. Used with plenty of lube, we think this is a great place to start! The tool has natural ridges for exact contact with the prostate, and provides subtle vibration to the perineum. Charge, lubricate, insert, and explore a different side of the male orgasm!


TremblingWe-Vibe Verge

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY Untitled design 3
The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 15

Remember how we said at the very beginning not all vibration is created equal??

Well, here’s We-Vibe Verge, a very rumbly tool indeed. This testicular and perineum vibrator stimulates the prostate from the outside rather than the inside. This massager and ring has an opening large enough for both penis and testicles to feel most restraint! Bluetooth enable, this baby is a hands free ride for all to enjoy.


Turbo Lovense- Edge 2

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY Untitled design 4
The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 16

Lovense – Edge 2 is a prostate powerhouse of a vibrator. Blast off with surround-sound vibration for Mr. Prostate. Vibration on the perineum, internal vibration, girth, girth, girth. Looking for a lot? Here’s your toy


All Aboard Non-Binary Station Vibrators!

There’s a reason we said any combination of erogenous zones! We don’t all exist within the binary, and as such, it’s important to showcase tools uniquely meant for all. We’ve set it here at Trystology, and we’ll say it again. Representation is important. Every body is blessed with nerve centers that can receive pleasure. In that, pleasure is our birth right, and the wider LGBTQIA+ community has only made the SEX community better, more colorful, and more pleasurable!

Not everyone likes shapes or sensations that resemble binary genitalia. This selection of vibrators, my loves, is for YOU!

TenderWe-Vibe – Tango X

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY Untitled design 5
The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 17

Ever heard of a little thing called muffing? Well, all people have inguinal canals, located in the groin. For trans women especially, rumbly vibes to these canals can take orgasms to the next level! Interested? Click the link!

What sets the Tango X apart from other bullet vibrators is the length, the rumble, and the hard plastic. When going for harder to reach and tender areas, gradual pressure and smooth contact are important. (Even using fingers in this area if nails are untrimmed can be uncomfortable, so gentle until told otherwise. )

The Tango X is an all around great bullet vibe, and makes our “top” lists all the time. This is a very specific, yet very effective, use for this tool.


TremblingJe Joue – MiMi Soft Tip

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY Untitled design 6
The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 18

Je Joue – MiMi Soft Tip is a wonderful, small tool that gets fierce on those higher settings. MiMi is easily travel-able, and great for pleasure all OVER the body. Inside of the thighs? Yep. Inner arm? Yep. Nipples? Mmm hmmm! The silicone Je Joue uses is silky, and so nice to touch!


Turbo LELO – Loki Wave

The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY lelo men s toys vibrating rechargeable lelo loki wave
The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 19

The Lelo – Loki Wave is a tool for all bodies, and reminds us all that despite our differences, we’ve basically all got the same general bits.

If we could look at male, female, and non-binary anatomies side by side, we would see that all of our parts come from the same pieces that develop when we’re in gestation. The g-spot and the prostate are generally in the same exact space. The functions of the clitoris and penis sexually are astonishingly similar. And toys like the Loki Wave just work. The throbbing internal piece can be inserted vaginally or anally. The sensually buzzy outer piece pleasures perineums and clitoris’s alike.

And this thing GOES!! Looking for Turbo? For girth? Something you KNOW is there??

Here you go, baby. Take Loki for a spin!


Alright, readers… this is just the start!

Loving The Best Vibrators of Trystology’s Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY EDITION!?

More to come by the end of the week… just in case you’re looking to shop this weekend!!

Upcoming best vibrators?? How about these categories?


Tune in later this week. In the meantime, Trystologists, stay curious!

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The Best Vibrators of Trystology's Toy Chest ~ HOLIDAY 1
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