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The Back Door is Open! A guide to safe anal sex from a

Back door open to a patio looking outside. Anal sex questions? A Plymouth, MN sex and relationship therapist can help. Read on for help in Plymouth, MN 55369 | 55361 | 55391


Admit it: if you haven’t had anal sex, you’ve thought about it. Maybe it excites you. Maybe it grosses you out. Maybe both. And that’s totally okay! The reality is that it is something that people of all sorts of genders and sexual orientations routinely enjoy, either with partners or solo.
But, anal sex doesn’t just “happen”! If you’re basing butt stuff off of porn you’re bound to be sorely (literally!) disappointed. Fret not! With a few basic logistical and psychological pointers you’ll be a champ in no time!

The Prep for Anal Sex: So Fresh and So Clean!

Dog in a bucket bathing. If you are curious about how to prepare for anal sex, a Plymouth, MN sex and relationship therapist can help. Read on for tips for preparing for

First, you need to get ready. There are physical and psychological components to this. If you’re new(er) to it, you may need to embrace the fact that you’re interacting with an origin of waste. There’s really not a delicate way to put this: shit happens, and it’s not the end of the world, or shouldn’t be. And, there are plenty of tried and tested methods for enhancing cleanliness and hygiene. Let’s get started!
As my friend Frankie Goes to Hollywood says, relax! The sphincter is comprised of two core ring-like muscles, one that is more voluntarily controlled than the other. There are several ways to go about “warming these muscles up;” I would recommend a warm shower or bath at the very least. Some people insist on anal douching prior to anal play and truly, the more preoccupied you are with a mess, the more appealing this option likely is.

Here are a few basics about anal douching and cleaning prior to anal sex:

There are many ways to douche, each with its own pros and cons. Some people are most comfortable with a small “bulb” (typically of a material like latex, plastic, or silicone) that fills with water and can be inserted rectally. One of the benefits of bulbs is their versatility and portability. You’ll likely want warm water, neither too hot nor too cold. Once you’ve filled the bulb with warm water, insert it and squeeze the base to shoot the water out. It’s usually best to apply a medium amount of pressure here when squeezing; you don’t want to shoot too hard or you may make more of a mess than intended. Squeeze your sphincter for a few (maybe 5-10) seconds to hold the water in, then release. Repeat this process as needed or ideally until the water runs clear.  
If a bulb isn’t your jam, there are hose adaptations to connect to either your shower or your toilet. I would personally go with a toilet adaptation or some form of bidet. Yes, they’re a little more costly than a bulb but in my opinion “do a better job” and are more bang for your buck. Basically, the same cleaning process applies as with a bulb; again, be careful not to shoot the water too hard or too far. For an added measure of confidence, some folks will insert a dildo or vibrator after they have douched just to ensure that they have fully cleaned out.

Deeper Dives

Butt plugs for more comfortable anal sex preparation. Still have questions about

Wrapping Up

Condom in the back pocket of jeans. Curious about anal sex and exploring your sexual values? Get help from a Plymouth, MN sex and relationship therapist who can help. Read on for help in Plymouth, MN 55369 | 55361 | 55391

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