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The arrival of my zelex SLE 172e


Short review after some days.

Lovely doll. Haven’t had time to upload photos yet. Made use of a video camera when unpacking and used snapshots.
Clothes suit her very well with the more realistic body proportions.
Quite heavy in weight, but less heavy than my 166cm fire doll. At least that’s how it feels.

Limbs move with quite a bit of resistance, but I guess this becomes smoother over time.

Sexual sensation feels very good and the better placement of the love holes gives even more the impression of a real woman.
Pretty soft loveholes, on par with my TPE dolls.

Other parts of the body feel a bit firmer, which also gives a more realistic idea of ​​a real woman, unlike TPE, which in my experience feels spongy-soft everywhere. But I do find the jiggle of TPE also very nice. Fortunately, the gel ass and gel breasts of this SLE model provide a nice realism and give some softness.

The breasts feel really soft. The gel butt is slightly firmer.

The skin is smooth and feels slightly rough, but with some baby powder it is very realistic and my hands slide over her skin without much resistance.

What I really think is a plus is that SLE has no scent. Actually virtually odorless. Smell from my TPE dolls are not very pleasant.

There is also a wrench included, I did not had a clue what it is for, but it seems to unscrew the bolt that fixes the neck outside the box.
However she came without the fix neck on the box but came home save.

I will not use the mouth for oral sex as there have already been several reports of torn corners of the mouth.

She lays besides me in bed with a memory foam mattress on her side, with a thick pillow under her legs so that the gel butt is largely spared of weight.

I will make a topic dedicated to this sexy SLE girl soon.

I call her Mellany.

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