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My husband and I have been having sex now for almost 15 years. The sex is good, but over the years, we’ve started to rely on a few old faithfuls. Well, with me now on anxiety meds, the old faithfuls are no longer so faithful, so I thought I’d try getting some toys to…i dunno. Make it easier on him and bring something new into the game. I was looking at surprising him with a Wevibe Sync and came here to look into it. Thanks to this sub, I ended up nixing the Sync. I never would have thought to try different types of toys to see what we liked before dropping a good bit of money (I didn’t really know people had more than one), or about using multiple toys at the same time. I just figured expensive and hits both spots, must be the best choice.

I ended up getting some leg/wrist restraints, a remote controlled egg, and a clitoral suction thing, and that all came with a bullet for free. This sub also taught me about body safe materials, so I had to trade out a few of my cheap picks for some slightly more expensive options. The bullet is still hard plastic, but for free, I figure I can cover it with saran wrap or something. I’m excited now! I think my husband will take much better to the idea of trying a few new things one at a time, rather than showing him the Sync and just going for that. Hopefully it’s all worth keeping, but I ordered from Lovehoney, so the sucker or the egg can go back if not.

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