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survey reveals which party expects sex on first date

survey reveals which party expects sex on first date

A majority of Biden and Trump supporters can at least agree on one thing: sex on the first date.

A new study of nearly 1,000 Americans showed 65% of Trump supporters expected sex on the first date, while 58% of Biden backers want an introductory romp.

The poll conducted by California-based wellness research company Innerbody also found 57% of Republicans want intercourse right away, while 52% of Democrats were equally randy.

Fifty-eight percent of Biden supporters expect sex on the first date while 65% of Trump supports do. New York Post

“We had sex on the first date so you got your answer there,” one anonymous Trump supporter walking in Tribeca with his girlfriend quipped to The Post.

“We have the same political beliefs but if she liked Biden, I think we could still figure it out,” he said.

Some younger couples confirmed a correlation between hook-up culture and political preference.

“You attract what you put out there, but I think politics does create some sort of divide between who certain people are attracted to,” said Fatim Haitara, 23, a single Independent.

A new survey reveals Republicans and Democrats view sex. JackF –
Fatim Haitara said she thinks political beliefs dictate who people are attracted to. Jeenah Moon

Six out of 10 non-Democrats would break up with their partner if they were to vote for Joe Biden, the study of 972 people found. 

“Most people are willing to compromise but think that the other political party is so separate from their core values that finding a middle ground would be impossible,” said Tim Barclay, a senior writer and lead researcher at Innerbody.

“If I’m on a dating app and I see that you’re a liberal, we’re not going to vibe because I’m going to say a comment that you don’t like and we’re not going to have the same values,” said Rachel Green, 30.

Those who support President Biden or former President Trump are more likely to expect sex on the first date than those who don’t, the survey found. Innerbody Research
Over 60% of respondents said a partner’s different political views are a dealbreaker, according to the Innerbody poll. Innerbody Research

Out of the survey respondents, 61% said differing political views would be a dealbreaker.

Malik Schroeder, 22, and his girlfriend Jewel Moore, 23, met on Tinder and have been dating for two years.

“I asked her pretty early on [who she voted for] to make sure she wasn’t a Nazi or anything,” he said.

Democrats Malik Schroeder, 22, and Jewel Moore, 23, met on the dating app Tinder. Jeenah Moon

“I’ve actually been with more people that I have not politically agreed with and it was not good,” said one woman who described herself as “radical leaning.”

“I wanted to be that person that was like, ‘Oh I can coexist and agree to disagree . . . but then I realized that this is who they are. I realized that they are a literal embodiment of their political views.”

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