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Spice Up Your Love Life Today

Spice Up Your Love Life Today

Missionary, doggy style, cowboy are some of the most commonly known sexual positions. These positions are age-old positions that have been in practice for ages. Also, these apply to both straight as well as gay couples.

Gay Sex Positions

Before we begin, it is important to know some commonly used terminology. The word ‘Top’ refers to the partner who is the dominant one during the sexual activity. The Top is the one who penetrates their Bottom partner.

The word ‘Bottom’ refers to the partner who is submissive and enjoys being penetrated and controlled in the sexual course. There is a wide range of positions for penis-owners to enjoy a pleasing experience. Here are some of the most pleasurable sex positions for gay couples.

Spice Up Your Love Life Today

1. Doggie Style – A gay sex position

This position is ideal for excellent, thrusting anal sex. The best part about this gay male sex position is that the angle offers easy and deeper penetration.

How To Do It –

Here, the passive partner lies on all fours, with the backside facing the partner’s penis. The other partner takes him from behind. In this position, the bottom kneels on all fours while the top enters him anally from behind. This position never gets boring. However, if you need variety, the top can always pull the bottom towards him by the hips for deeper penetration.

Another variation of this position you can try is the flat doggie.

Precautions: Be careful as too much vigorous activity may result in penile fracture.

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2. Missionary Position

The Missionary position can also be fun for gay couples, with a bit of tweak. It is one of the best gay sex poses, offering great ease, gentleness, and intimacy during sex if done correctly with sufficient lube. One stimulates the prostate at the same time as the tip of the penis. If you think this position is boring when it comes to gay sex- think again.

How To Do It –

The bottom partner will have to tilt more upwards than the usual position. This will offer easy penetration, especially if the active partner has the other partner’s legs on his shoulder.

This position ensures you are face-to-face with your partner, allowing for greater intensity and communication during sexual intercourse.

Tips: Both partners can enjoy this position, especially when neck kissing and nipple play are included.

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Spice Up Your Love Life Today

3. Spooning- a great gay sex position

‌‌This gay position of sex offers easy access and skin-to-skin contact for both partners. Not only this, the big spoon has access to the chest, nipples, and penis of the little spoon. This ensures a heightened sexual experience due to greater stimulation.

The little spoon can also feel free to stroke the big spoon’s penis from time to time in between sex for variation and excitement.

‌‌How To Do It –

Here, the partners lay on their side. The active partner is on the outside, penetrating his partner from behind. The passive partner can adjust his leg position to offer deeper penetration.

‌‌Tips: Decreasing or increasing your spoon will help adjust the pelvis, minimizing discomfort and maximizing pleasure.

‌‌Precaution: Active partner should place his arm under the pillow to prevent a sleeping arm.

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4. PuKnee Up for man to man sex

‌‌This position offers maximum anal exposure and deep penetration. The bottom can lie down on any flat surface and get comfortable by relaxing the muscles before performing. Make sure to engage in plenty of foreplay before performing this position.

‌‌How To Do It –

The passive partner lies on his back, and the other partner can grasp the partner’s calves, knees, or ankles while standing. The active partner then pushes the passive partner’s leg towards the chest while inserting his penis.

A variation in this position is that the bottom remains in his position while the top penetrates him

‌‌Tips: The more the legs get pushed, the better the pleasure.

5. Back It In/Bottom Power Up while having gay sex

‌‌In this position, the bottom gets to be active too. It also requires the use of a chair. It is up to the bottom to create all the momentum and thrust during this position.

How To Do It‌‌ –

Here the active partner sits on a chair pulling his knees towards his chest. The other partner backs into the position, allowing his partner to penetrate.

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Spice Up Your Love Life Today

6. Cliff Driver- one of the best gay sex positions

‌‌The position offers excellent intimacy. This position makes sure you can dive into your partner like never before. One needs proper protection and lubrication for this position.

How To Do It –

  • The passive partner gets on all fours. The other partner penetrates from behind.
  • The active partner stands and lifts his partner by the waist or thigh. The active partner now wraps his partner’s leg around him and penetrates.

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7. See-Saw/Waterfall Gay sex position

‌‌This position is ideal for couples who don’t mind a little extra effort or work out while having gay anal sex. Another position that requires the use of a chair. We recommend you don’t jump to this position if you or your partner are beginners. However, if you do feel particularly adventurous, who are we to stop you? Make sure you’re safe in terms of condoms and so that you don’t hurt yourself or your partner.

‌‌ How To Do It –

  • The active partner lies down straight on the ground and places his calves on a chair. The passive partner then mounts the partner’s legs, allowing penile insertion. Either partner can control the rhythmic motions.

8. Squatters Rights/Nip and tongue gay sex position

‌‌The best gay sex position for couples who love oral stimulation, offering mutual pleasure. This one is for you. If you perform this position for very long and naturally are tired of squatting- you can rest each of your knees on either side of your partner’s face. This will allow you to maintain your position for longer.

‌‌How To Do It –

Nipples can be one erogenous zone for men. One partner lies down, and the other partner hovers and squats over him in a face-to-face position. The partner lying down grabs the other partner’s nipples. The other partner lowers himself to the partner’s mouth.

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9. I Can Fly/Superman

How To Do It‌‌ –

  • In this position, the active partner sits on a chair, keeping his body elongated. The other partner mounts away from him or towards him, balancing himself.
  • For face-to-face position, the passive partner leans backwards. The active partner grasps his wrists to offer balance. The passive partner now lifts his leg, trying to fly back as the other partner controls thrusting.
  • For a back-to-face position, the passive partner mounts on the partner and inserts his penis into himself. Then he leans forward and places his arms backwards so that the other partner can grasp his wrists. The passive partner now lifts the legs flying along, and his partner controls the rhythm.

10. Stand And Deliver – man to man sex position

‌‌Love dominance and raw passion? This may be the best gay sex pose for you and one of the best gay sex positions in gay couples who love BDSM and roleplays.

‌‌How To Do It –

Here, the bottom bends the active partner over a chair and enjoys his way with him in a standing position.

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11. Rusty Trombone

‌‌Rusty Trombone is the best gay sex position in couples indulging in and loving oral sex. It also a very welcome extension and variation of the 69 positions we all love. This sexual position is excellent because it allows for immense pleasure and sexual stimulation for both parties.

‌‌How To Do It –

In this sex position, the passive partner gets on his fours, and his partner gives him rimming (orally pleasuring the anus). The passive partner uses his free hand to masturbate his partner as he indulges in backdoor oral sex. Many gay men love this act due to the pleasure it offers.

Precaution: It is essential to clean yourself properly before this act as it is a high-risk position and can transfer serious diseases.

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12. Cowboy Gay Sex Position

‌‌When a gay partner mounts his partner and rides them, this version is known as the cowboy. It is one of the best positions for couples new to gay sex.

‌‌This is one of the best gay sex positions as it offers control to the passive partner, allowing them to adjust to whatever feels good.

‌‌How To Do It –

The Top lies or sits down, while the Bottom sits on the Top’s erection. Now the control of the intercourse is in the hands of the Bottom, with occasional grinding of the anal region by the Top from beneath.

‌‌Tips: Tie your partner to the bed in the cowboy position for a bit of tease action.

‌‌Precautions: Be careful to avoid penile fracture.

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How to do Gay Sex

When it comes to sexual positions, it is important to remember that everyone has different preferences and comfort levels, regardless of their sexual orientation. Communication, mutual consent, and respect for each other’s boundaries are crucial aspects of any sexual activity.

Here are some of the best positions that some people of the same sex will find pleasurable:

1. Missionary Position

One partner lies on their back while the other partner straddles them and penetrates them. This can be a comfortable position for beginners and allows for eye contact and intimacy.

2. Doggy Style

One partner gets on their hands and knees while the other partner penetrates them from behind. This position can allow for deeper penetration and may be more comfortable for some individuals.

3. 69 Position

Both partners engage in oral sex on each other simultaneously. This can allow for mutual pleasure and intimacy.

4. Spooning Position

Both partners lie on their sides with one partner spooning the other. This position can allow for intimacy and comfort while also allowing for penetration or manual stimulation.

Precaution To Be Followed For All Sex Positions

  • Always use a condom.
  • Both partners should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Gay Sex Tips

1. Squeeze the Hole when Your Partner is in You

One of the most pleasurable and underrated acts, squeezing, is an act for mutual pleasure. By squeezing, not only do your nerves feel the stimulation, but also the penis finds the contact quite stimulating.

2. Keep Your Hands Busy, Always

Never keep your hands idle at the sides. Hold your partner’s hands, and caress their chest or neck. Touch their lips or nose. Jerk your partner or play with their scrotum or simply hold the bedpost firm if required.

Spice Up Your Love Life Today

3. Spread the Butt Cheeks Wide

Before any insertion, spread the cheeks as wide as possible. Remember, the smoother the experience, the more the chances of better satisfaction.

4. Breathe

Yes, you read that right. Simply breathe. Breathing helps to control orgasms manage thoughts and excitement levels. It can be helpful if you typically ejaculate prematurely due to excitement and clear your thoughts.

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Anal Sex Tips for Gay Men

The first time at the Bottom could make you nervous and excited at the same time. However, there is nothing to worry about if you are really prepared for it. Follow the gay male sex tips below.

1. Get Prepared Mentally

There must be a trillion questions about your sexuality and your emotions currently. As it is said, ‘’It is all in the head’’, preparing yourself on the psychological side is the first step. Ask questions, find answers and solve doubts.

Spice Up Your Love Life Today

2. Get Prepared Physically

As anal sex is not the natural sex, there is a need for better ways to cleanse the area. For this, douching has to be carried out. Also, proper care of diet should be taken at the right time. Stay on hold at least 4 hours after eating food to allow the food to digest.

3. Use Lubes

It is a known fact that the anal region has no glands for wetting the surface. This is why lubricant should be used before putting the penis in. Silicone-based lube is the preferred lubes for gay anal sex.

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Gay Foreplay Tips

1. Be Yourself

Foreplay is the most important part of any sexual activity. It will be helpful if you keep any inhibitions at bay. Go ahead with whatever feels natural to you. Feel your partner’s responses.

Knowing how your partner feels is an equally important factor to determine satisfaction. During the intercourse, communicate and ask your partner their feelings on your actions. Make sure they are open to a certain position or manner.

2. Hygiene and Safety

Since the anal region is the most prone to bacteria, the need for a better procedure for maintaining safety is necessary. Regular showers and shower sex can be a great way to enjoy the gay Kamasutra positions.

Spice Up Your Love Life Today

How Does Gay Sex Feel?

The answer to how does gay sex feel cannot be described precisely. The experience varies from individual to individual. However, as per surveys, it feels good to those who have experienced it consensually and in the right manner.

Summing up on Gay Sex Positions

Gay anal sex is quite a broad topic. Several positions could be performed such that pleasure and comfort both are attained simultaneously. For a pleasurable experience, whatever position you try, make sure that each partner is comfortable with that act. Remember, it is all about pleasure and satisfaction.


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