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Speed Dating Arrives on Mutual! – Mutual Blog

Speed Dating Arrives on Mutual! – Mutual Blog

The goal of Mutual is to bring people together, and that all starts with helping people meet and start conversations.

Until now, the only way to interact with people on Mutual has been by swiping up and down on their profiles. This is a great way to express interest and start a connection, but we thought we could do one better! I mean, we have the biggest community of LDS singles on the planet. Why have only one way to interact with them? 

The Mutual team has been working for the past six months to bring an innovative new way to connect with the people on Mutual.. We are so excited to finally share this feature with you!

Benefits of Speed Dating

  • See other people who are online right now, during the session.
  • Invite others to short, 5-minute text conversations. Break the ice and see if there is a connection!
  • No chemistry? No problem or commitment once the chat ends.

So, how does speed dating work?

  • Each week at pre-scheduled times, speed dating sessions will be enabled for several hours. 
  • Once a week, you’ll receive 1 free ticket to enter a session for 1 hour. MutualUp users have unlimited tickets.
  • During a session, review the profiles of other people online who also have joined the session.
  • See someone you want to talk to? Send them a request.
  • The other person will receive a notification indicating that someone is requesting a speed date and can choose to accept or decline.
  • If a speed date is accepted, you both will jump into a 5-minute timed text chat session to get to know each other.
  • After the time is up, both you and they will have the choice to keep the conversation going (and match!) or to politely decline.

Why you will love Speed Dating

  • Unlike other speed dating events, things here aren’t random. You can see who you are requesting to talk to, as well as those who request to talk to you. (We may add random matching features in the future.)
  • Everyone in a live Speed Dating session has the same goal – meeting someone to talk to RIGHT now. No more guessing at intentions or wondering if the other person is ever going to message you back. You know they’re online and ready to chat, too!
  • Sending a speed dating request (or accepting one!) isn’t a marriage proposal. Take a chance! If you both hit it off and want to continue the conversation, great! If not, no pressure; that’s the whole point of speed dating.


Here at Mutual, we care deeply about helping people connect. Speed dating is the first of many ideas we are working on to help more people find their person.

Thank you for trusting us! We are here for you.

The Mutual Team

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: What happens if I get multiple requests to chat?
    A: You will see the requests in the order in which they come in. Accepting them will put you in a “busy” state and let others know you are unavailable.
  • Q: Will there be Video or Audio calls? Or just text?
    A: We are launching with text chats only for now. However, video and voice may be an option in the future if there is enough interest!
  • Q: What happens if we both choose to continue the conversation?
    A: Both you and the other person will leave speed dating and go to the normal Mutual chat tab, where you can continue to talk without a time limit.
  • Q: Will we only be shown profiles that fit our filters? Such as age and distance?
    A: You will only see people that match your filters for age and distance. People will not be able to see you if they are outside of your age range. People will be able to see if you are within their distance range and their age is within your age filter.
  • Q: I encountered something weird or broken with Speed Dating. What should I do?
    A: We built the first version of Speed Dating focused primarily on simplicity, stability, and scalability, but there are bound to be bugs and issues that arise that we didn’t catch in our internal testing. If you encounter any issues or have ideas or feedback, please submit it using our feedback form here or email us at

Mutual Team

Our team of love experts at Mutual works hard to make sure you have the most helpful dating advice out there. Whether you’re still searching for your person or working to move your relationship from the chat bubble to in-person, we’ve got your back every step of the way.

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