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Shop this clip-on stroller fan for 30% off at Walmart

Shop this clip-on stroller fan for 30% off at Walmart

Summer strolling is all fun and games until a heat wave hits.

Speaking from experience — attempting a walk on a muggy morning with a cranky, overheated baby is never the best idea. Fortunately, you don’t need to lock yourself inside, either. Walmart is offering a tiny tool for under $25 that will make all your strolls that much comfier: a clip-on stroller fan.

Take your fan on the go. Simply attach the twistable tripod to the base of the stroller, tilt the head towards your little one, and let them relax in a burst of refreshing air. Melt-down, evaded. The great part about this tiny portable tool is that it can go just about anywhere, thanks to its super-flexible design. Pop it off, throw it on the car seat, crib, or playpen, or perhaps hold it by hand. The wind speed is adjustable as well, so you find just the right level of breeze to stay refreshed on those scorching hot days.

The FrSara Stroller Fan is among the easiest additions to your stroller setup, and believe me — it can make or break the strolling experience on a hot day.

Swipe up this affordable cooling hack before the hot deal burns out.

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Don’t worry about disturbing your baby’s sleep. The FrSara Stroller Fan has been ungraded with an ultra-quiet brushing motor to reduce noise and 360-degree rotation to keep you or your baby cool from every angle. Enjoy up to 12 hours of working time and utilize the sliding buckle design to easily access the charging station. It’s simple, effective, and won’t break the bank.

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This article was written by Miska Salemann, New York Post Commerce Journalist. As a Gen Z first-time mother of one, Miska tests baby, maternity and postpartum products ranging from stylish new kids clothes to long-trusted diaper brands with her daughter. She evaluates baby- and mom-approved products for practicality and quality, and consults medical and parenting experts to weigh in on safe ingredients, usage and more. Before arriving at the Post, she covered the lifestyle and consumer verticals for the U.S. Sun.

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