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Sex Toy Apps: Intimacy at a Distance

Sex Toy Apps: Intimacy at a Distance

There’s an app for everything these days, including your sex life. App-controlled sex toys are leading the charge (heh) into pleasure, one mobile device at a time. Near, far, or wherever you are, such tantalising tech allows lovers to reach across miles via the magic of Bluetooth.

So, what’s the different between a remote and app-controlled toys? Remote controlled toys have been the staple of discreet public play ever since they hit the scene, however, using an app turns your smartphone or tablet into a wireless remote.

This isn’t just great for couples separated by miles sharing an intimate moment over a videocall, but to anyone observing it just looks likes your playmate is fiddling with their phone… if you can hold the moan of course.

Plus, these toys are totally Cam Model worthy and put the power in the audiences hands! With the rise of OnlyFans and self-employed sex work, offering a viewer the chance to control your sex toy can earn such erotic entrepreneurs a generous ‘donation’.

For Her

Love eggs are the most readily available remote controlled toys. Worn internally they’re discreet for outdoors play, and are a playful way to add a naughty element to any date or video call.

If you’re new to using toys for phone sex or virtual sex, something like the Bondara Daydream can be an approachable (and affordable) entry point. Not only is it eggceptionally powerful but allows you, or a partner, via the Pretty Love app to completely customise the intensity and rhythm of the vibrations with the touch of their fingertip.

The We-Vibe Sync Lite might look like an odd love egg but this slimline wearable is actually a couples vibrators. Intensely satisfying, these toys add a delightful buzz that you can both enjoy. Honestly, a game changer if you find it difficult to orgasm from penetration alone.

This kind of app-controlled vibrator can absolutely be used solo but these are best when shared. Plus, for the exhibitionist amongst you, make any intimate encounter a virtual threesome by inviting a friend to control your toy with the app.

For Him

There are masturbators, and then there are masturbators. The evolution of male sex machines has come along way since a bit of vibration. It’s like getting a hands-off hand job from anywhere (or anyone) in the world. They’ve really got all the balls and whistles.

Hi-tech options like The Handy are not only hands free masturbators but unpack a whole lot more pleasure with their online options. Not just strokes at a speed that’ll make your eyes cross, but the app features scripted integration with VR so The Handy mimics what you’re watching for total engagement.

For the guys and gays who want to show off to a webcam, it’s not always about the cock. The prostate is your sweet spot and any pervert worth their internet history should leap at the chance to stimulate it.

Curved to hit the spot, the Svakom Vick Neo delivers powerful vibrations deep inside your rear. This prostate massager can sync with 2D videos for immersive masturbation, plus the interactive webcam feature allows your lover or fans to play along. Wear it during sex for an explosive blended orgasm, or endure an edging session that’ll make you whimper.

For Everyone

Putting the ‘cyber’ in Cybersex, sex machines can go all night, literally. They never get leg cramp, never lose their rhythm, and at top speeds can go faster than even the most enthusiastic lover. All you have to do is supply the lube then lie back and enjoy.

The latest innovation from F-Machine brings app controlled innovation into play. The Gigolo BT-R allows your partner or voyeur to pick the speed, leaving you at the mercy of this mighty fuck machine. It’s the nearest thing to having the other person in the room with you.

An honourable mention for the app-controlled butt plugs. While you might argue that functionally they’re not dissimilar from where we started with the love eggs, and you might have a point. But importantly, they are safe to put in your backdoor.

The Satisfyer Plug-ilicious 2 offers all the discreet thrill of wearing a plug with the option for your partner (or audience) to tease you, these anal toys add a delicious extra layer to masturbation and sex so you’re stimulated from every angle

Whether you’re exchanging pleasure with a loved one away on an oil rig, or adding a sweet perk to your explicit livestream, app-controlled toys are certainly becoming more than just a way of getting off.

Do you have any interactive sex toy stories or tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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