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Sex Therapy IRL vs. in the Media: What can you expect from

Picture of Meryl Streep playing a sex therapist in a movie. Consider talking with a sex therapist near Plymouth, MN about sexual concerns, pleasure, sex addiction, desire discrepancy, or other sex problems. Talk with a Plymouth, MN sex therapist via online sex therapy in Minnesota here! Serving 55311, 55305, 55343 and beyond.


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Sex therapy has boundaries

Of course, it is important that the therapy space feels safe and you trust your therapist with your story, but there are boundaries around what is and is not appropriate in therapy. These guidelines are in place to protect both you and the therapist. First off, this is not sex work (people who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual services) or sex surrogacy (practitioners who address issues related to intimacy and sex through the use of touch and sexual contact). Therefore, there will be no physical contact, nudity, or sexual activity between you and your sex therapist. In the movie Little Fockers, Roz leads a class in her home for seniors to physically guide them through different sex positions that will work with their aging bodies. At the Sexual Wellness Institute, we are happy to discuss and recommend specific sexual interactions and positions, but we will not touch, guide, or physically assist you in any way. Similarly, we will not invite you to our homes, go to your home, or meet you outside of our office or telehealth session. Unlike Roz, sex therapists are bound by important ethical considerations that prohibit dual relationships or activities that could be construed as friendships. 

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