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Sex Position: The Carriage Ride

Sex Position: The Carriage Ride

Dearest Gentle Readers, reports of a Rake and a Lady engaging in sordid activities in a carriage have reached me. This intimate sex position is perfect for declarations of love between life-long “friends”.

Sex Position: The Carriage Ride 3

How Do I Do It?

Our latest saucy sex position is inspired by the wonderfully raunchy Carriage Ride from Bridgeton. The setup for this fingering position is fairly simple, so it can be added to your rotation very easily. If you don’t have a whole horse and carriage to hand, using a high-backed chair is absolutely fine.

Have your ‘Pen’ (the receiving partner) sit down in your chosen chair, and then ‘Colin’ (the giving partner) can kneel in front of them. Kneel in whichever way is most comfortable and stable for you; You could even put down a cushion for your knees! From this point, caress, kiss, and work your way up to ‘intimate touching’; How scandalous!

Why Should I Try This Sex Position?

Face-to-face positions add intense intimacy to your sex life, so you can see how each and every touch affects your lover. If you’re new partners, this type of position lets you discover exactly how to touch them for maximum pleasure! While being stroked and touched, the receiving partner has their hands free to roam and grope their lover.

You can even experiment with dirty talk, eye contact and items like collars & leashes, that’ll allow you to pull your partner closer.

Make It More Orgasmic

Ensure you’re fingering skills are extra stimulating with foreplay vibrators like finger or bullet vibes. Because of the face-to-face nature of this position, take the opportunity to passionately kiss your partner. Using couples’ sex aids, like tingling lipgloss, provides a naughty edge to a sexy makeout session.

If you’re an aspiring member of the Ton and you want to try out a little saucy, regency roleplay, why not dress the part with our selection of sexy lingerie? We have satin and lace pieces from corsets and basques to angelic babydolls and chemises. All this lovely lingerie is available in plus sizing and straight sizing, so whether you’re a Penelope or a Daphne, there’s something to make you feel like an empowered goddess.

Tantalising Top Sex Toys

Not For You?

Here at Bondara, we know everyone likes to knock boots, so we are working to ensure everyone is represented on our website.

We are committed to inclusivity and diversity. So, we are depicting a range of genders and sexual orientations in our Sex Position blog posts, including straight, gay, lesbian and gender-neutral couples. All instructions will detail how to make our sex positions work for any relationships.

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