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Sex Magic

Sex Magic

When reading this article, keep an open mind. Here are a couple of questions that will be addressed: What is sex magic? Can anyone practice it? You can experience this with the love of your life or by yourself.

The important thing to take away is sex magic helps you connect with the universe. Adding some science to sex magic, something to remember is we all are made from star dust. We are merely adding our energy to the star dust out there.

What is Manifestation?

Before we talk about sex magic, we have to make sure you are aware of a few basic terms. One major factor involved in any magic is manifestation. What do we mean by ‘manifestation’?

Many of you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, which combines desire, intention, and emotion to produce a manifestation. An example of something you may want to manifest might be a partner. So, do you want a male, female, trans, or bi? Do you want love, kindness, and gentleness? Tall, dark, and handsome or sexy, leggy, and sultry.  Remember, we only want to manifest positive things.

  • To expand on the example mentioned above, consider you are looking for a mate.
  • Begin by deciding exactly what you want (tall, short, kind, generous, etc.).
  • Visualize that individual and the relationship you want to have with them.
  • Write all this down with pen and paper.
  • Be as explicit as possible.
  • Having something physical regarding these desires will help keep you on track and strengthen the power of your desires.
  • Now you want to ‘embody’ this desire.  That is, live as though you have this individual in your life.
  • Align your actions to be ready to accept this new person into your life.
  • Do not obsess, just accept that it will happen.

In fact, that is the next step, accepting that the universe will provide. Remember, this is just an example. You can use sex magic to help manifest anything in your life.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Why use Sex Magic?

Let us begin by stating that creative energy and sexual energy are deeply connected and sexual energy can intensify creative energy and passion. We are talking about how one can go about harnessing that energy. In the physical world, sex can create a human being, a physical object.

In the world of magic, sex can create a manifestation – the ‘birth’ of an idea on a spiritual plane. Sex magic is the transforming of your sexual energy into the manifestation of your desire. You do sex magic to cause something you desire to happen. You might want healing, attract money, have a greater spiritual clarification. When you add sexual energy to manifestation you increase the magic spell.

Sex magic is a blending of male and female energies and regardless of gender, we each have both masculine and feminine energies. You can do this by yourself; you do not need a physical partner to perform sex magic. Self-pleasuring is a good way to practice before you start working with a partner. You can call upon the universe to be a partner with you.

Here is a compilation of steps as defined by a number of authors to achieve sex magic:

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
  1. Have a Clear Intention:  Your intentions are willed through manifestation
  2. Create Sacred Space:  Possibly a bedroom that is dedicated to magical lovemaking. Cleanse the space by burning sage. You can set a mood by burning incense, playing music, and lighting some candles. Think of your sacred space as your temple, where you can become one with yourself, or with a partner. This temple is a place where you can call on the universe to help you achieve your magical sex energies.
  3. Looking Into The Soul of Each Other:  Look into each other’s eyes This allows your hearts to connect soul to soul. There is no need to rush, just be. If you do not like the quiet you can state your intention aloud
  4. Connect with Breath, Sound and Movement:  Breath is important for the release of thought. This allows you to be fully in the moment, blending your energy together. You are aware of the sound and movement. The masculine and feminine realms are there for physical and sensual feeling. Put your hands on each other hearts. You breathe each other’s energy, making a circulation of energy between the two of you, merging into one. If you are doing this alone, start by placing your hand over your heart.
  5. Sensual Touch:  You are now combining breath, sound, and movement with both of your energies. Be thankful for each other, or yourself. Appreciate one another. This touch is a sensual and pleasurable touch. This touch will spread through the entire body, from head to toes. A very good position to use is for one partner to sit on top of the other partner’s crossed legs with their legs wrapped around the other’s body. This is a very easy way of connecting all chakras together. For an individual, sit cross legged with your hands discovering your body.
  6. Building the Sexual Energy:  This is where the manifestation comes into play. One can use tantric techniques to modify sexual energy. The goal is to no longer have a genital orgasm, but rather raise sexual energy into the higher consciousness. This is where you enable your loving making to last longer. A way to do this is to stop pleasuring before you climax. A ‘rinse and repeat method’, extending your time to climax. Continue this for as long as you like, slowly and steadily building intensity.
  7. Visualize at the Highest Point of Arousal:  When you are at highest level, envision what you are manifesting. The more intense your feelings, the faster you can attract what you desire.
  8. Seeding Your Vision:  Sex Magic is the release of the energy you have built up, keeping your vision in mind and feeling the pleasure of your manifestation come to life in the universe. Your magical ‘child’ has come to life in the ether.
  9. Let Go:  Now is the time to trust the universe; the magic has now been set into motion.

As you can see, anyone can use sex magic to strengthen their ability to manifest any goal. It adds extra energy to your manifestation. Always make certain to keep things positive. What you desire can come back to you threefold.

If you do this with a partner, it is a much better practice to do it with someone you care deeply about and who shares your basic ideas. You can work together on one goal or you can use your combined energy to strengthen the manifestation of separate goals. Just be sure you are both on the same page before you start.

One last thing to remember if you wish to use sexual magic, make it count. Every time you have a ‘one-night stand’ or masturbate without using all of the technique, you are wasting energy. As always, have fun and keep it consensual.              

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