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Sex By Moon

Sex By Moon

Have you ever wondered if the Moon plays a role in sex. Do we have more sex at different times of the Moon’s cycle? Is it the same if you are dating versus in a relationship? What role does it play with respect to gender? The answer to all these questions asked is, it depends.

What is good for one might not be good for another. Life is strange like that; we do not all fit into the same box.

The Moon has a strong effect on us. Throughout time, people have documented the behavior of living things with the lunar cycles. Humans have been known to have more energy, not sleep as much, and do some wild things. We do not know totally why the Moon affects us like this, but it does.

Photo by: Sanni Sahil on Unsplash

We know the four phases of the menstrual cycle run about 28 days, same as the Moon’s cycle. We also know the Moon controls the tides. Why is that important? According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a human adult body is made up to 60% water.

Researchers completed extensive studies several decades ago and found the proportion of water in our bodies. They went through the body piece by piece to find out where the water was. In the chart below, you can see just what proportion of each organ is water. For example, our skin is made up of 64% water and our lungs are 83% water.

Water Content of Human Organs

Brain and Heart Combined73%
Muscles and Kidneys Combined79%


Now, you might be asking, why do we care to know that our body is made up of water? Because, if the Moon affects the tides of the world, it makes sense that the Moon can affect us as well because of the 60% water we are made from. And we know about the Moon affecting hormones, thereby affecting all of us because it does not matter your gender, we all have hormones.

Your libido may rise and fall in sync with the cycles of the Moon, such as, on a Full Moon your sex drive might surge if ovulation coincides with the Moon. The following presents a brief summary of information for each phase of the lunar cycle.

New Moon is the best time to try new things.

  • New Partner
  • New Location
  • New Position

Waxing Moon is the best for self.

  • Self-Love
  • Self-Exploration
  • Self-Masturbation

Full Moon is the best time for sex.

  • Sexual Desires are at their highest
  • Hormonal levels are at their highest.
  • Pheromones levels are at their highest

Waning Moon is best for non-sexual activities.

  • Recharging Time.
  • Communicating and Planning Time.
  • Self-Care Time

But how does the Moon play a role in Dating versus in a Relationship. You find out that each phase of the lunar cycle changes our mindset regarding mood and actions. Please remember nothing is set in stone. These are just observations over the years by many. There are always outliers.

Sex By Moon javardh URLlQPnfG6Y unsplash scaled
Photo by: Javardh on Unsplash

New Moon: This time is very fluid, so have fun.

Relationship: Because you are in a relationship, this is a great time to try something new with your partner. This is the time to let the fun ‘out’ and enjoy the experience. You do not want to be complacent in the relationship. This is the time when you want to add a little sugar and spice to it, to keep things interesting.

Dating: This is the perfect time for you to try new things out. See what you like and do not like. When dating you should keep a list with your goals to keep track of your progress. Also, it will let you deviate from your plan if you choose to go another way. Remember this is the time when you are putting yourself out there to find someone you want to be with.

Waxing Moon: This is a holding position, focusing on you.

Relationship: You each in the relationship need to look inward. Care for yourself then take the time to care for each other, treating the relationship as one. This can be hard at first so look at this way. Pamper and play with yourself, then take the time to spend time together. You may find that you are relaxed and free to self-explore each other during this time.

Dating: This is the time you start looking at who you want to date. If you have gone out on a date and this is a follow-up date, you are learning about each other and how well you fit together. Can you make your lives fit together?  Do you complement each other or are you at odds with each other?

Full Moon: Interesting, whether you are involved or not.

Relationship: This is the time when you could take your relationship to the next level, or a great time to say, ‘I Love You.’ Either way, this phase of the Moon is excellent for a stronger commitment. It is the time you both take sex to another plane. You have a deeper connection.

Dating: You will find that you slow down some. You might make a date only to have them cancel on you. When you do not have a connection or a deep bond, you may find yourself fighting or arguing with each other. If you are dating, having sex on a Full Moon may not happen.

Sex By Moon ryan young 0U2Ze4QcbB0 unsplash scaled
Photo by: Ryan Young on Unsplash

Waning Moon: Time for rejuvenating and recharging.

Relationship: This is the time you and your partner self-reflect and reflect on your relationship. You have a deeper bond with each other, knowing the other plays a role in satisfying one’s needs. Because of the connection you each have you are able to enjoy the recharging together.

Dating: Consider what you have learned about yourself and the others you have dated. When you are dating, apply the information learned on the first date to the second and third. This will help build a deeper relationship with your date, especially if you are hoping for the date to blossom into something more.

One more thought to consider is Moon Bathing, another name is ‘Chandra Snana’, which is the bathing with or without water under Moonlight. Allowing the Moonlight to recharge you, giving you a feeling of well-being, but also making you feel purified. This can lead to a delightful time with yourself or with a partner. It has been known to bring the wild side out, especially under a full Moon.

What is the take away? The Moon does play a role in our sex lives when it comes to dating and/or relationships. Gender, not so much, because we all have hormones that are affected by the Moon’s pull. It is important to know that you can learn from previous actions so you can grow and understand later relationships, whether causal or serious, for a more enlighten time. Have fun and always keep things consensual.

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