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Seasons of Sacrifice: Supporting Her Through Life’s

Husband giving support to bald wife with cancer.

On Tuesday, I talked about little things we do for our wives that don’t really feel like sacrifice. Today I want to talk about seasons of significant sacrifice.

There are times when circumstances mean one spouse is limited. It could be late pregnancy, early motherhood, or a major illness or injury. It might be stress from an insane season at work or school. It could be due to the loss of a close loved one. It might be major depression. Whatever it is, it leaves the person unable to do much of what they usually do, and be who they usually are.

Husband giving support to bald wife with cancer.

We married our wives for better or worse, in sickness and health. Even if those words were not in your vows, it was understood you would be there for her when the going got tough. When bad things happen to our wife, we’re supposed to sacrifice for them. And if needed, sacrifice in major ways, for long periods. There can be no score keeping on this. If you sacrifice a great deal for a good while, she should not be expected to repay you. Likewise, if she sacrifices big time for you.

That said, significant sacrifice for prolonged periods beats us down. In order to keep going, we must be aware of the validity and need for self-care. That includes getting away from it for half a day to do something you love. Not with her, on your own. If she can’t be left alone, find a friend or relative who will stay with her. Doing this is not selfish, it’s keeping you going so you can keep giving to your wife.

If your wife is the one doing a lot of sacrificing for you, please encourage her to take a half day break here and there. Don’t let her burn herself out, even if you desperately need what she is providing.

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