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Review: Magic Wand Micro – Princess Previews

Magic Wand Micro

Last week we celebrated Magic Wand Day. How many other sex toys have holidays dedicated just to them? I can’t think of any, but then again no other toy really compares. It’s been 56 years now since the trademark application for the original Magic Wand was approved and an icon was born. I myself got my first Magic Wand, the Rechargeable, on my 20th birthday, and as my thirties quickly approach, there is no doubt that this is my most used sex toy of all time. It also goes to show the quality that’s put into these things, as despite using it at least once a week for the past nine years, I’ve never had so much as the slightest issue. Its more recent versions, the Magic Wand Plus and Mini, have been similarly beloved, although I was unsure what could possibly be next on the horizon, foolishly thinking that the Mini was surely as small as it gets. Well, Vibratex have certainly proved me wrong, with the release of the Magic Wand Micro!

The Sender

Before we get into it, I wanted to first take a moment to introduce Babeland, who were kind enough to send me the Magic Wand Micro for this review. It may be my first time working with them, but I am certainly familiar with the US-based retailer, whose Seattle, Brooklyn, and New York City bricks-and-mortar locations have long been a dream of mine to visit. First opening in 1993 in response to a lack of women-friendly sex shops in the area, Babeland has long been focused on providing a safe, inclusive and shame-free environment in which to browse high-quality sex toys. They have been at the forefront of much of the positive change in this industry, and regularly hold events to help further the sexual education of their communities. Their online store has a huge range of products, including big name brands such as Doxy, Dame, and Hot Octopuss, and free worldwide shipping is available on orders over $85 USD. Plus, whilst they have frequent sales, my discount code GRACE10 can be added at checkout to take a further 10% off your order.

Product Description

If you thought the Magic Wand Mini was small, prepare yourself for the Magic Wand Micro. This product barely looks like a real sex toy, instead resembling the kind of novelty keyring wand massagers you see in sex stores. Yet not only is it real, but it has some pretty bold marketing copy too, with the Babeland website stating, “Crazy powerful, this four-function, three-speed massager is pure Magic Wand® vibes” and “the Micro packs a punch with its high-capacity motor hitting speeds of up to 6,500 RPM of insanely deep vibrations (yes, that’s just as much as the full-size)”. Now, if my interest wasn’t already piqued from the iconic brand name, it certainly was after I read that. Outside of this, the Magic Wand Micro is much of what you’d expect from a sized down version of this legendary toy. The design is almost exactly the same as the Magic Wand’s other variations (excluding the Original), with a white plastic handle, followed by a metal ring, a flexible thin blue neck, and a large white silicone head that ends in a flat-top. The only real exception is the buttons, since there are only two, rather than the usual three. Above this you’ll then find the Magic Wand logo, and at the very end of the toy is a hole for the charging cord. Plus, one addition, which is more fun than functional, is that next to this charging hole is an area for you to connect the Micro’s included light blue wrist strap. I love this touch and it really adds a sense of nostalgia for me, taking me back to the days of the Nintendo DS and connecting all sorts of charms to it. As for some actual stats, this toy measures in at just 11.5cm / 4.5″ in length, and another advantage to it is the huge reduction in weight, at just 85 gm / 3 oz. Finally, as with the rest of Vibratex’s Magic Wand line, the Micro is neither waterproof nor splashproof, but it is body-safe and USB rechargeable.


Magic Wand Micro packagingMagic Wand Micro packaging

My order for the Magic Wand Micro was placed with Babeland on the 18th of March and it arrived on the 8th of April. The package for the toy was then very much in the same vein as previous iterations of this iconic product, just smaller. A study cardboard box featuring a blue and orange colour scheme, it includes a picture of the toy alongside information on what it can do (with a particular mention of its “legendary power”). Inside, you’ll then find the Micro, as well as a charging cord, instruction manual, and its wrist strap. The instructions in particular bring me back to my other Vibratex products, as the bulky booklet is filled with safety warnings, very unusual for a sex toy these days, but completely typical of a Magic Wand. Lastly, the Magic Wand Micro also comes with a one year warranty, and in a welcome twist, it is now valid in Australia and New Zealand, in addition to its usual region of North America. Of course this still excludes many regions of the world, which is a shame, but as an Australian I’m pretty pleased!


Charging the Magic Wand Micro is easy since it is rechargeable, and for the first time I don’t need an adaptor, as it uses a USB! Although I will note that whilst the product makes a big point about it being USB-C rechargeable (it’s one of the main features presented on the box and is mentioned multiple times on the Babeland website), the USB-C port is on the toy, whilst the other end that’ll you’ll need to actually plug into something you own is just a regular USB cable. This is an advantage power wise and due to the assumption that you can use any male USB-C cable to charge the Micro, but the way it is worded makes it sound like you’ll need access to a female USB-C in order to charge the toy, which is not the case. Charging should then take around three hours, which will then give you an estimated 1.5 hours of use (these values are from the product’s manual, which are strangely different to those mentioned at Babeland), making this the weakest battery of all the Magic Wands. Plus, unlike the Rechargeable, it cannot be plugged-in during use in the event you run out of battery, and the cord is also rather small (although still a very typical size for other vibrators). When charging a red light will appear to indicate this, and it will change to green once the battery is full. Additionally, this light will also flash red to indicate that the toy is low on battery and needs to be charged.

Magic Wand Micro chargingMagic Wand Micro charging


The controls were one of my favourite aspects of the Magic Wand’s last two iterations, as they saw the complete removal of patterns from the massager, and instead offered greater control of the product’s speeds. Unfortunately, though, this has not followed over to the Micro, which sees the return of patterns. In fact, the controls on the Micro are easily one of the biggest differences between it and the other Magic Wands, and it seems like Vibratex have instead taken inspiration from small clitoral vibrators, which makes a lot of sense considering that is essentially what this toy is, despite its wand-like appearance. Of the two buttons, one is simply a power button, working to turn the toy on and off, whilst the other controls the mode, with three steady speeds and four patterns on offer. Also worth noting is that there is only one light on the Micro, unlike the other Magic Wands where a number of lights will turn on in relation to the toy’s speed or mode, so you’ll need to mentally keep track of where you are. Overall, whilst I prefer the controls on the other massagers, I can understand the need to simplify things on this smaller version, and that there is an expectation of patterns on clitoral vibrators. Additionally, the Micro will automatically turn off after 20 minutes to protect itself from overheating.

First Impressions

Magic Wand Micro close upMagic Wand Micro close up

Something unique that Vibratex do, which I can’t recall having seen from other brands, is promote their toy’s RPM (revolutions per minute) as if it is the measure of how powerful they are. But under that logic, it means that the Magic Wand Micro is the strongest Magic Wand there is, with a RPM of 6500, as opposed to the Rechargeable’s and Plus’ 6300, and Mini’s and Original’s 6000. So, for the first time, I started to question whether we should really be paying attention to this value. After all, it makes sense that the Micro has a higher RPM, since its smaller motor has a shorter distance to travel, allowing it to achieve more revolutions. Turning it on for the first time, I have to say I am certainly impressed by the Micro’s power levels, which are certainly not as “novelty” as it looks. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the vibrations are on par with the Magic Wand Mini’s. But compared to the Magic Wand Rechargeable and Plus? There is no competition, even at their lowest speeds. So, it seems like the RPM is debunked here once and for all, at least when judging widely different sized toys. As for the noise level, this is thankfully low despite the fast motor, making it the quietest of my Magic Wands and a very quiet toy in general, providing a good option for those that need to be discreet.

My Experience

Whilst the Magic Wand Mini can never truly compete with the Magic Wand Rechargeable or Plus, it is great in a pinch, giving me many of the same sensations. And it was this kind of situation where I was hoping the Micro might fit into my life, seeming particularly perfect for travel. But I have to admit, that even though the Mini and Micro’s vibrations seem the same to the rest of my body, placing the two different wands on my clitoris is a different story. A big part of this is likely related to the difference in size, as one of the main reasons I enjoy the Magic Wand so much is due to its broad head. The soft silicone paired with a wide flat area is unlike most other wand massagers, and envelops my vulva in a way that allows the vibrations to penetrate far deeper than the average toy. Yet even though the head of the Micro is a perfect replica, being so much smaller means it is unable to match the stimulation, providing vibrations that are far more surface level. Plus, achieving the same level of pressure on my clitoris is harder with the smaller toy, and as the Micro’s neck is more flexible than usual, I find myself concerned about breaking it when trying to replicate this. This is not to say that the Micro is a bad toy, as I have actually been very surprised at just how pleasurable it is, and I’ve got to commend the manufacturer for managing to maintain its iconic rumbliness, when it could have so easily become buzzy instead. During use it is even able to conjure some of the same sensations I get from my Magic Wand Rechargeable, and because of this I find orgasm with it comes easily. The biggest downside really is that when climax does arrive, I’m afraid it is quite unsatisfying, which is a surprise and a disappointment coming off of what I always think has been an enjoyable session. Yet this is likely because of how much my body has grown used to the Rechargeable, and I’m almost certain that someone who isn’t so accustomed to this toy would have a far better experience.

Magic Wand Micro, Plus and MiniMagic Wand Micro, Plus and Mini
The Magic Wand Micro with the Plus and Mini. Click here for a photo of it with the Rechargeable as well.

In regards to the Micro’s strap, whilst I love the added visual touch that it adds, I have found it to be a nuisance during use, ultimately removing it. This is because if I wear it around my wrist, it is then too short for me to hold the toy and comfortably control it. But if I don’t wear it, it hangs down and gets in the way. The only alternative is to wear it over my fingers, but not my thumb, so that it is both secure and comfortable. Yet remembering to do this is a bit of a hassle for no benefit, so unless you actually care about the visuals, there isn’t much point in bothering with it.

Cleaning & Care

Whilst some aspects of the Magic Wand Micro can make it easy to forget this is supposed to be a wand massager, one thing that immediately brings it back is the fact that this toy is not waterproof whatsoever. Considering its small size, and the fact that it is 2024, this seems a bit silly. But I’m guessing that it is a defect in the actual design of the toy, and that Vibratex has chosen to keep its iconic look over adding in any kind of water protection. Even with this though, cleaning it is easy, as since it is an external toy that has a very specific area of use (and one that I personally prefer to use through underwear), it doesn’t really get too messy. With this in mind, you’ll simply need to carefully wipe it down with some soap and water after use, or just spray it with some toy cleaner, before drying. You can then store it however you want, since it does not attract dust. Additionally, make sure to not use silicone-based lubricant with this product, as it may react badly to the silicone it is made of, but if you do then first perform a spot test.

Final Thoughts

Magic Wand Micro with wrist strapMagic Wand Micro with wrist strap

Of course the Magic Wand Micro is not as strong as its predecessors. Yet due to its marketing, and some out-of-context RPM numbers, it feels like I’m stating something unexpected and negative. Whilst the truth is that I’ve actually been incredibly impressed with this little massager, which is truly no novelty. Indeed, what was actually surprising were the vibrations that matched those of the Magic Wand Mini, despite it being more than double its size. And because of this, I found the Micro very pleasurable to use, with orgasms coming quickly. Unfortunately, it was simply the quality of those orgasms that was lacking, and it is for this reason that I sadly cannot see myself continuing to use the Micro, even in scenarios where I am unable to use my other Magic Wands. Because when I consider these sorts of situations, my mind automatically goes to other small vibrators, such as the We-Vibe Touch X or Tango X, who have owned this territory for a long time and thus are far better suited to it than the Micro. And that is my biggest concern, because for a toy that isn’t quite a massager, yet isn’t quite a clitoral vibrator either, I’m left wondering where the Micro fits. Regardless, I still believe that this toy would be far more enjoyable to someone who isn’t as experienced as I am with a full-sized Magic Wand, and considering this and its price, the Micro makes for a great place to start if you are at all interested in massagers. Plus, on that note, this toy is also cheaper than most clitoral vibrators, including the ones I just mentioned. So, even though there’s always going to be better options out there for more, for what it is and what it costs, the Micro is still absolutely a welcome addition to the Magic Wand family.

You can get the Magic Wand Micro from Babeland for just $98 AUD / $64.95 USD!

Last updated: 26/5/24
Price at the time of writing: $98 AUD / $64.95 USD

Last week we celebrated Magic Wand Day. How many other sex toys have holidays dedicated just to them? I can’t think of any, but then again no other toy really compares. It’s been 56 years now since the trademark application for the original Magic Wand was approved and an icon was born. I myself got my first Magic Wand, the Rechargeable, on my 20th birthday, and as my thirties quickly approach, there is no doubt that this is my most used sex toy of all time. It also goes to show the quality that’s put into these things, as despite…

Review: Magic Wand Micro

Review: Magic Wand Micro



Magic Wand may have succeeded in sizing down their iconic toy, but with the Micro being neither a proper wand massager nor a bullet vibrator, it’s hard to know where it fits.

Material – 100%

Design – 90%

Solo – 70%

Partner – 80%

Vibrations – 85%

Noise Level – 95%



Magic Wand may have succeeded in sizing down their iconic toy, but with the Micro being neither a proper wand massager nor a bullet vibrator, it’s hard to know where it fits.

This post was sponsored by Babeland, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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