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Review: Dame Com – Princess Previews

Dame Com

Whilst I’m always open to trying new things, there are brands I tend to work with more frequently than others. Admittedly, I am very lucky that these brands mostly represent the very best of the sex toy industry, allowing me to easily cover any new releases that seem particularly promising. But, like any good reviewer, I am constantly reading other people’s verdicts on toys or brands I haven’t tried, and just generally keeping my eyes out to ensure I don’t miss something worthwhile. One such brand that keeps popping up on my radar lately is Dame, as whilst I have reviewed for them in the past, they have an almost entirely new range now. It seems that after their (in my opinion) disastrous start, things have continued to turn around since I reviewed their Kip back in 2019, as these days I hear nothing but positives about the US-based brand, with this praise seemingly culminating with the release of their Com massager. So, when Good Vibes approached me recently and asked me to choose something from their store to review, the choice was easy.

The Sender

Before I get into it, let’s talk a little more about Good Vibes. It is my first time working directly with the US-based retailer, although I am sure it is a name that’s well known to anyone in this industry. Founded in 1977, they were one of the first sex-positive, shame-free, and woman-friendly places to shop for sex toys, and their commitment to this has never changed, believing pleasure is a birthright, no matter who you are. Now with seven stores across California and two in Massachusetts, alongside their huge online shop, they regularly hold events and workshops, and even have their very own Antique Vibrator Museum alongside tours by its curator, the Dr. Carol Queen! Through their GiVe Program, they regularly raise donations for organisations with aligned goals, and in 1995 they even declared May “National Masturbation Month”. Plus, in 2007 Good Vibes became the first multi-channel retail company to discontinue products made with phthalates, with their Sex Educator Sales Associates even receiving more training than most physicians. Despite their location, Good Vibes deliver discreetly worldwide and offer free domestic shipping on orders over $85 USD, with my discount code GRACE taking 10% OFF most items.

Product Description

Dame Com backDame Com back
If you look in the top left corner, you might be able to see some of the nicks and stains on the Dame Com.

Whilst Dame had a rocky start with their “innovative” sex toys, the Fin and Eva, since then they have focused on just developing high-quality versions of classic sex toy designs, which is something I can get behind. What’s more, even though they are now quite an established company, they only have a very small selection of products. So, while I cannot completely forgive them for discontinuing the Kip, their unusually refined collection has certainly caught my eye more than a few times, as has their beautiful minimalist branding, which just might be my favourite in the industry. Of their current range, the Com is definitely the toy I have heard the most about, and as their take on the wand massager, one of my favourite types of sex toy, I was eager to find out how it would compare to my other toys. Designed with a curved handle for increased comfort and easy handling, it is not the first time I’ve tried a so-called “ergonomic” massager, with products like the Sola Sync and We-Vibe Wand coming to mind. Although it certainly might be the most visually simple wand I’ve ever tried, as its silicone body features nothing besides two small indentations at the end to signal the buttons, and a plastic area on the back surrounding the toy’s metal plates for the charging cord to connect to (this is smart, usually toys have the metal plates sticking out of the silicone, but by doing this it protects the user from the rough surface and accidental scratching). This simplicity means that the colour of the silicone really matters, with the Com coming in either periwinkle or quartz pink, and as a big fan of Dame’s signature blue I requested the toy in the former. Unfortunately though I received it in the pink, which is so light it can almost look white in some lights, and this has definitely been a bit of a bummer. Plus, there are multiple minor visual imperfections in the silicone, from nicks and stains on the back, to a raised lump on one side, which this light pink no doubt shows and is more susceptible to than the blue. It’s also worth mentioning that despite this being a full-sized massager, it is quite light, weighing in at only 277g, which is less than half of what the Magic Wand Rechargeable weighs. Finally, this toy is also USB rechargeable, waterproof and body-safe.


Dame Com packagingDame Com packaging

My order for the Dame Com was placed with Good Vibes on the 18th of March and it arrived on the 8th of April. One of the things that most allured me to the Com was the pictures I had seen online of its packaging, and I was not disappointed, with the box bringing all of the brand’s signature blueness that I was wanting from this toy, even if my version is in pink. A large high-quality box featuring a picture of the toy alongside some basic info on what it can do, Dame’s minimalism is once again used to great effect here. Opening this up, the Com is then found resting safely in plastic, but even this has been used to accentuate the design, with the toy’s outline being repeated in the ridges. Removing these two elements, you’ll then be able to access the Com’s accessories, which are a high-quality branded storage pouch, instruction manual, charging cord, sticker, and voucher for your next purchase. In addition, the toy also comes with a three year warranty.


Charging the Dame Com is easy since it is USB rechargeable, and the brand recommends doing so before first use. Simply plug one end of the cord into a USB port and then connect the other end magnetically to the bottom of the Com’s handle. This has a strong connection strength, so it should be fairly reliable, but as with all magnetic chargers do be careful when placing it down to avoid unwanted disconnections. Once on charge, a green light on the Com will flash, with this becoming solid upon completion, and this should take around two hours to provide one hour of play time. Plus, when the battery is low, pressing a button on the Com will cause this light to flash red as an indicator. In addition, I also wanted to mention that whilst it is not branded, the Com’s charging cord is one of the nicest I’ve ever received with a sex toy, being covered in a grey knitted fabric.

Dame Com chargingDame Com charging


The controls on the Dame Com are almost identical to those on the Kip, both visually and functionally, making this a familiar experience for me. The only difference is a raised dot on one, which makes for a helpful tactile point of reference when you can’t see the controls. Basically though there are three buttons, one being a power button that is on its own, and the other two being at either end of the longer depression, with the increase button being the one with the dot above it. To turn the toy on or off, simply hold down the power button, with the Com starting on its lowest steady speed. You can then either click or hold the increase button down to raise the vibration strength through the toy’s five levels (there is a slight delay to holding it down, as it slowly changes strength in a natural way, rather than a quick ramp up), and then do the same with the decrease button. Plus, you can also click the power button whilst the toy is on to activate the pattern modes, of which there are four, and these can also be increased through the five intensity levels. Overall, Dame has once again done a great job of providing comprehensive yet simple controls, and a little thing like being able to choose between clicking or holding down the button to advance through the levels makes a big impact. Plus, I didn’t even realise that the Com had patterns until writing this review, and as someone who dislikes them this is perfect, as I don’t need to worry about accidentally turning them on like I do on many other toys. Finally, whilst it isn’t mentioned in the Com’s instructions, like the Kip it has a travel lock, and this can be activated by holding the power button down for 10 seconds, with success being indicated by the light flashing red, and deactivated by putting it on charge.

Dame Com controlsDame Com controls
The Dame Com also features a very prominent seam on its silicone.

First Impressions

I might love the Dame Kip’s vibrations, but converting those into something worthy of a wand massager isn’t exactly an easy task. So I was totally taken aback when I turned the Com on for the first time and found the deep, rumbly vibrations contained within. It’s not the most powerful massager I’ve ever tried, with something like the Magic Wand Rechargeable far surpassing it, but it is the quality of those vibrations that makes up for this. Deep into bass territory, each of the Com’s five levels are a rumble-lovers paradise, to the point where this might just be the most rumbly massager (potentially even toy) I’ve ever tried. The downside to all of this, sadly, is the noise. Dame advertises the Com’s low noise level as being one of its selling points, and at first I agree. But depending on how I hold it, something happens that causes this noise to increase considerably. It’s an issue I have seen before in the Dame Fin, and I presume it is due to the silicone becoming unstuck to the internal plastics, causing it to make additional noise as it vibrates freely. Perhaps this is just a fault in my copy, as without this additional noise I actually find the Com’s volume very impressive. And, thankfully, when pressure is applied to the head (such as during use), it mostly goes away, leaving me with one of the quietest full-sized massagers I have ever used. But as soon as I remove it, this other noise begins, which just totally ruins the mood, being even louder than the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s final speed and in a much more annoying pitch.

My Experience

You’ll be glad to know that the Dame Com’s volume troubles are where the problems start and end for this toy. Because for the rest of my experience, I have nothing but praise. Comfortable to hold and easy to control, the rumbly vibrations work wonders when applied to my clitoris, or anywhere else on my body for that matter. What they lack in power they make up for in their depth, allowing them to deeply penetrate my vulva to stimulate much more than just the surface level. This not only increases pleasure, but also reduces the chance of me getting numbed out or itchy, which sometimes occurs with buzzy vibrations. Something else I love, which traditional wand massagers such as the Magic Wand series cannot achieve, is that its head and handle shape make it easy to use the massager on an angle, rather than having to hold it straight down onto my clitoris. I can only imagine how useful this will be for those with a limited reach or other mobility issues, especially when combined with how light-weight this toy is. Plus, because of the shape, if you do require pressure you only need to place a small amount on the top of the handle, again helping to make this one of the most accessible massagers I’ve tried, which is particularly crucial when you consider that many of the previous ergonomic wands I’ve reviewed, like the We-Vibe Wand and Sola Sync, have since been discontinued. Orgasms are then super satisfying, and turning them into multiple is easy due to those high quality vibes. Compared to my other massagers, whilst it doesn’t quite live up to the legacy of my all-time favourite, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, it is certainly one of the best I have ever tried, and easily beats out toys like the Magic Wand Mini. In fact, even compared to the vastly more expensive Doxy Die Cast 3R, which is also more powerful, I again prefer the Com and its style of vibrations.

Cleaning & Care

Dame Com storage bagDame Com storage bag
The Dame logo has been embroidered on the storage bag, how cute!

Cleaning the Dame Com is easy since it is fully waterproof. Plus, being an external toy it is unlikely to get too messy anyway, and my favourite hack with massagers (especially one as strong as this) is to just use them through my pants to avoid any cleaning at all! If fluids do end up on the massager head though, you can simply give it a quick wipe with some warm soapy water before drying. It can then be stored in the bag it came with, although even this isn’t really necessary as not only is it not an internal toy, but it also doesn’t attract dust. Additionally, do make sure to avoid using silicone-based lubricants with this product, as they may have a negative reaction with the silicone it is made from.

Final Thoughts

So rarely do I get to give products a perfect review. So the fact that the Dame Com was thhhiiissssss close to one, and then let down by an issue that, for all I know, could be unique to my copy, is the most frustrating. But even though my Com isn’t perfect, this didn’t take away from my, or my clitoris’, appreciation for the rest of what it can do. Plus, I like to think that whatever is wrong with my version would be covered by Dame’s impressive three year warranty. From the easy to use yet advanced controls, the ergonomic and accessible shape, the use of full body silicone for quick cleaning and waterproofing… the list goes on. Plus, with extra features such as a low battery alert, travel lock, and vibration patterns, the Dame Com may look simple, but is anything but. In fact, other than the discontinued We-Vibe Wand, this might just be the most comprehensive wand massager I’ve tried, and is a truly impressive piece of human-centred design. And all of this is without even mentioning those deeply rumbly vibrations, which are oh so satisfying. No, it didn’t beat out my Magic Wand Rechargeable for my favourite massager, with that toy only being slightly more money. But there are so many advantages to the Com, that it could very well still be the one for you. Either way, it has absolutely won my heart, and I can’t see it leaving my nightstand anytime soon.

You can get the Dame Com from Good Vibes for just $178 AUD / $119 USD!

Last updated: 23/6/24
Price at the time of writing: $178 AUD / $119 USD

Whilst I’m always open to trying new things, there are brands I tend to work with more frequently than others. Admittedly, I am very lucky that these brands mostly represent the very best of the sex toy industry, allowing me to easily cover any new releases that seem particularly promising. But, like any good reviewer, I am constantly reading other people’s verdicts on toys or brands I haven’t tried, and just generally keeping my eyes out to ensure I don’t miss something worthwhile. One such brand that keeps popping up on my radar lately is Dame, as whilst I have…

Review: Dame Com

Review: Dame Com



This toy was almost perfect. But even with the defect my Com faced, it was still one of the best massagers I’ve tried.

Material – 90%

Design – 100%

Solo – 97%

Partner – 90%

Vibrations – 90%

Noise Level – 70%



This toy was almost perfect. But even with the defect my Com faced, it was still one of the best massagers I’ve tried.

This post was sponsored by Good Vibes, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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