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Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys


A portable, thrusting dildo that weighs only 2 lbs. Read on for my Box Rocker review!

Design | Accessibility | How to Use | Packaging | Material and Care | My Experience | Overall


Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 12

The Box Rocker is a portable thrusting sex machine from Top Drawer Toys. My understanding is that they are a relatively new sex toy company, and I’m always curious about smaller startups — sex toys are a tough business to break into, but the right innovative product can shake things up and become successful.

The Box Rocker is perhaps a bit larger than other portable sex machines I’ve tested, mostly due to its large rectangular base. This base not only houses the motors, but it acts as a stable platform for you to straddle.

This toy also comes with a strap you can clip to it —not for wearing to thrust into someone else (like for packing/pegging), but to strap onto yourself to keep it on target as it thrusts into you.

Here are some examples of how to use it:

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker

Above: Suggested positions for the Box Rocker. Credit:

The Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys features vibration, automatic thrusting, and a rechargeable, silicone, splashproof body. It’s also remote-controlled, and you use it to change the strength of the vibrations, thrust speed, and thrust length. The vibration is mostly felt in the round ball at the base of the shaft, which is perfect for clitoral stimulation.

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 16

Design-wise, the Box Rocker is fairly simple. There’s a shaft (with a slightly bulbous head), the vibrating ball, and the rectangular base of the toy.

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 6

It’s BRIGHT pink, currently the only colour that the Box Rocker comes in. Hopefully, more colours will be offered in the future.

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 18


This section is to help folks determine if they might have any issues using/accessing the Box Rocker

  • Size: The box rocker is approximately 10.5″ long, 6.25″ wide, and 3.25″ tall.
  • Weight: Top Drawer Toys states that this toy weighs in at under 2 lbs.
  • Buttons: When you remove the lid at the base, there is a power button to turn on the unit. There’s also a remote control with 3 large buttons: an oval, a heart, and a square.
  • Vibration transfer: Seeing as this is a hands-free toy, you don’t need to worry about any vibration transfer to your hand from holding it.
  • Price: The Box Rocker is regularly $349.00, but is currently priced at $199.00. This puts it on the higher end of the range for portable/mini self-thrusting sex toys, though it is inexpensive compared to full-sized sex machines.

How to Use the Box Rocker

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 21

  1. Install batteries in the remote control and attach the strap to the sides of the base.
  2. The Box Rocker Top Drawer Toys must be turned on at the base of the toy (you need to remove the lid to find the button!). A light should come on green. Once it’s on, replace the lid.
  3. Long press the Oval button to start the vibration. The vibration occurs at the ball beneath the shaft. Short press the button to increase strength.
  4. Long press the Heart button to start thrusts. The thrusts will be short and rapid. Short press the button to increase thrust speed.
  5. Long press the Square X button to adjust the length of the shaft. The top of the square button gives it longer thrusts, and the bottom of the square button gives it shorter thrusts. This took me WAY too long to figure out (I thought the Square button was a single button, and pressing it in the middle did nothing).

Full instructions are located on their website here.


Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 1

The Box Rocker is packaged beautifully in a black box, with pink and purple accents. When you remove the lid, you find the Box Rocker atop its accessories.

All in all, you receive a Box Rocker, a bottle of lubricant, a bottle of toy cleaner, a large drawstring pouch, the remote control, batteries for the remote, and the charger.

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 3

The box comes with a hygiene seal sticker. Mine had been cut open, which I’ve never actually seen in all my years as a reviewer. When I enquired, the company told me that it was to remove any batteries to cross the border to Canada, though everything in my package looked undisturbed and complete.

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 4

A separate instructions booklet wasn’t included. Instead, (too) brief instructions are listed on the removable lid of the base.

Material and Care

The Box Rocker‘s insertable (pink) portion is silicone, which has a soft and matte texture. This is a fantastic material for a sex toy because it’s easy to clean, hygienic, and hypoallergenic.

The motor base of the toy is ABS plastic, which is another good material.

Top Drawer Toys’ website states that this is water-resistant, but you should not fully submerge it. I consider that splashproof.  There are no specific cleaning instructions included. To clean, I personally disconnect from the charger and then rinse the pink portion in warm, soapy water before and after each use. I let it air dry.

If you’d like to add lubricant (which I always recommend), try a good quality, water-based lube. A sample bottle of lubricant is included in the box. I recommend avoiding silicone-based lubricants, which will damage the finish of any silicone toy.

To charge, turn off the Box Rocker and plug in the charging cable. The light at the base will glow red when charging and turn green when complete.

My Experience with the Box Rocker

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 22

The Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys has been a solid thruster for our bedroom this past month.

Let’s first go over the good.

First, if you want consistent, reliable thrusts that just keep going, this toy has them. The shaft can thrust up to 3.5″ in length, which is more than enough for good G-spot pleasure. They just keep coming — I’ve found the battery life on a single charge to be pretty decent (certainly enough for a playthrough).

It feels good. If you like internal stimulation, there’s a good chance you’ll like this too. The head is big and a tad squishy and feels girthy and filling inside of me. The slightly bulbous head can ride along the G-spot easily. When I’m warmed up and excited, this feels great and takes all the armwork out of thrusting my own sex toy. When it comes into the bedroom with me and my partner, I love the threesome fantasy possibilities it brings.

It’s stable. It’s only two pounds, but it seems weighted well enough for use. I haven’t had any major issues with it shifting around where I don’t want it to. I like the included strap — I cinch it around my thighs to help it keep it snug in place for truly hands-free play.

The bad?

The longer the thrusts, the slower it goes. When you have the thrust length turned down, this gives you short, rapid, furious thrusts. However, when you make the thrust lengths longer, the speed slows down significantly. You can see that in my video above. I actually didn’t mind this too much. For cowgirl position, I couldn’t really have it on the longest length anyway (shorter length felt way more comfortable given the rigid body).

Some positions are tricky/impossible. It doesn’t work for doggystyle… Not for me, anyway.  It’s too low down to the floor — it doesn’t have a suction cup to stick it higher up the wall. This is just a practical limitation of its size.

Can’t clench much. Clenching hands-free thrusting sex toys is never very successful. The whole toy just slows down because it’s so much lighter than you (ie the base of the toy just thrusts instead of the shaft). You’ll need a LOT of lubricant to ensure the shaft thrusts smoothly.

Don’t get pinched! One thing to note is that the vibrating ball remains stationary during use; only the shaft thrusts. As the shaft gets smaller, it kind of disappears into the box/base a bit. I do have a concern that pubic hair or even a fold of skin might get pinched in the tiny gap between the shaft and the ball. This hasn’t happened to me, but I can picture it happening and I’ve been extra cautious with my positioning.

Confusing remote. It took me WAY too long to figure out how to use this. I found the Square X button confusing because it can be pressed on all 4 sides, but the left and right sides do nothing. It’d be good if Top Drawer Toys included a thorough instructions booklet so that there’s no initial frustration.

It’s expensive. Even at the current sale price of $199 USD, it’s still a very expensive toy. This isn’t the only self-thrusting sex toy available to purchase (personally, this is my 15th!), so I suspect they’ll eventually have to lower their prices to compete with less expensive options.

Review: Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys Top Drawer Toys Box Rocker review by Miss Ruby Reviews 10

Box Rocker Review – Overall Thoughts

I do have a few gripes with this product. It’s pricey, longer thrusts are slower, and it won’t work for all positions out there… Despite this, I found it quite pleasurable. The battery lasts a long time, it’s reliable, and the shaft feels fantastic against my G-spot.

You can pick up your own Box Rocker here! Why do I like Top Drawer Toys? They’re the makers of the Box Rocker, offer free shipping to continental USA, and ship discreetly.

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