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remote toys for any time, unpredictable use


Hey, vagina owner looking for a remote controlled vibe that can be activated whenever throughout the day without fiddling. I’m in an LDR.

I am very familiar with Lovense’s product line and similar toys, but I’m looking for something to wear all day for public play that could be turned on whenever, so that it’s unpredictable for me and my partner has control. It’s not just a situation of “we’re going out to dinner/shopping and we’re gonna have some fun” – this is for prolonged, at least 4 hours of possible time for the toy to be activated (ideally as long as possible)

From what I understand, I’d need to set up pairing with a lot of these remote toys or they’d go to sleep after an hour or something, making them not usable for these kinds of situations. I understand battery is an issue with these kinds of things, so I’ll take whatever limitations there are.

I’d love something similar to the Lush, but both internal, external, and combination vibes would do. Quiet as well to be subtle.

Ideally, I’d set it up at the start of the day and be able to just forget about it until it’s turned on sometime later in the day

If I’m wrong and Lovense toys can be used in this manner please let me know! It’s just tough to know what brands/products offer this type of functionality.

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