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Question about toy storage


Hey all,

I am starting to think more about toy storage and would like some advice. At the moment I keep all my toys in the same container however they are either kept in their orginal boxes, or in the case of things like dildos and other insertable toys I keep them in their own seperate draw string bags. I mainly use [these ]( ones atm, however I am looking into getting some satin wig bags to store some of my bigger and thicker items that have just arrived.

Now my questions are as followed:

1. Does it matter the material of the storage bags? At the moment I am using the lovehoney satin ones and have heard its better to stick with satin/silk for things like lint. Would 100% cotton still be okay?
2. How often should I be washing the actual bags itself? Before using the toy I give it a rinse with antibac soap and hot water, and I clean it after use with hot water, toy cleaner spray and a bit of 70% isopropic alcohol. Is it fine to just not wash the bags since I already keep the toys clean?
3. I want to get a couple of silica gel packs to chuck in the container just to be safe. Would it damage the toys if I also put an individual one in each of the storage bags too?

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