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Prostate Pleasure! What You Need To Know About The P-Spot

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Prostate Pleasure

I don’t need to explain to the homosexual readers of this blog the pleasures that come from the prostates involvement in your sexual activities. This article is for the hetero-curious men and couples out there reading. It is about opening up to find prostate pleasure and equality.

From the beginning of our sexual explorations and curiosities we learn from what we see, and as the prostate is unseen it is rarely spoken about. Not to mention the “Taboo” associated with anal play. The outdated belief that men who engage in anal play must be gay needs a serious and overdue reconsideration.

Step Outside Of The Social Norms

The act of a man participating in a prostate orgasm allows for a man to step outside of the societal gender roles and hand the power over to his female partner. Too rarely does a man ever get to experience the receptive part or sex, all too often they take the common role of “Pitching” and leave the “Catching” or receptive aspect of sex to their female partners. This ideology is what I believe to be a huge factor in why the notion of gender roles are as they are currently.

A mutual knowledge of the vulnerability/ the expected role of a woman starts from experiencing two sides of the same coin. In this particular topic, penetration is the coin. For a man who has never experienced penetration on himself, he might intellectually understand the need for the “warm-up” before penetration, however, nothing can demonstrate its importance as well as experiencing it first hand. There’s always a clearer perspective that comes from personal experience.

What Is A Prostate You Ask?

The prostate is a small gland made up of mostly muscle tissue that sits around the base of the bladder. Its main function is to secrete fluids that are mixed with the Semen from the Vas Deference during orgasm. This is the most important piece of information for this article.

A man’s prostate is most active at the moment leading to orgasm when pressure is added to the already pulsing Prostate gland creates an even more powerful ejaculate which heightens the feeling of orgasm. This reason alone should be enough to intrigue any man!

Through prostate orgasm, a man is able to reach multiple orgasms… Yes, I said it! A man can have multiple orgasms too! It is not just for the ladies.

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Benefits Beyond Pleasure

When you engage the prostate with massage/added pressure, as I previously said allows for larger ejaculation orgasms. This helps to empty and refresh the prostate. It also encourages blood flow to the pelvic area, this helps to fight impotence. Yes playing with this little gland can help ensure you have healthy erections well into agedness. There is also a ton of research being done currently as to how having a regularly refreshed prostate lowers the potential risk of prostate cancer found so commonly in men. There are many other health benefits of a prostate massage.

Other Benefits Found From Prostate Massaging

  • Enhanced Sexual Pleasure: Prostate massaging can significantly intensify orgasms, providing deeper and more satisfying sexual experiences.
  • Improved Erectile Function: Regular prostate massage can improve blood flow, leading to stronger and longer-lasting erections.
  • Increased Libido: Stimulating the prostate can boost overall sexual desire and performance.
  • Better Prostate Health: Regular massage helps reduce the risk of prostate-related issues, including prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Stress Relief: Prostate massaging releases built-up tension, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels.
  • Ejaculatory Control: It can help men gain better control over ejaculation, potentially extending the duration of sexual activities.
  • Enhanced Urinary Function: Prostate massage can improve urinary flow and reduce the frequency of urination.
  • Detoxification: Regular massaging helps expel toxins and old seminal fluid from the prostate gland.
  • Alleviation of Pain: It can relieve discomfort and pain associated with chronic pelvic pain syndrome and other prostate issues.
  • Emotional Well-being: Prostate massaging can enhance emotional intimacy and connection during partnered activities.

How To Engage In Prostate Stimulation?

The prostate can be stimulated by adding pressure to the anatomy of the perineum (the space between the testicles and the anus. However direct contact from inside is always more intimate with greater effects. The prostate can be reached by inserting one finger into the anus approximately 1.5-2 inches tip of the finger pointing to the naval and rolling your finger in a come hither motion. You should feel a squishy marble as you do this, that’s the prostate. Very easy to find.

Keep in mind the skin around the anal opening is very sensitive and can tear very easily. EXTRA Lube is necessary. Start with a warm up; caress the outside of the anus (the anus has as many nerve ending as any other erogenous zone). Try stroking the penis, as the penis gets erect the blood flow around the prostate will also increase created a heightened pleasure sense. For more information, read our guide to finding the prostate.

Effects On The Relationship

For hetero-normative couples, it is understandable how “flipping” the roles could potentially have some uncharted territory. But that’s no reason to avoid or judge something. Especially something that has so much potential. Communication is key! You are in this together! Sex is more than just procreation.

Sex is also about pleasure and as discussed has countless health benefits. What this will allow or aid in with couples in establishing compassion, empathy and understanding towards each other. It may not eliminate gender based unfairness or sexism, it does have the ability to open equal understanding and dialogue.

If you’re open enough to try a new world of pleasure, just remember to relax, have fun. It’s VERY NORMAL. Millions of men and women worldwide have already found the amazing pleasure to be had from this great pleasure zone. Everyone should want to be on the same page as their partner. Communication and working together is always key.

Author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology – Human SexualitySave








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