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Opinions on and alternatives for the Lovense Hyphy?


I bought a Lovense Hyphy ~4 months ago and it’s already malfunctioning– seems like one of the buttons is stuck. Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me locate the email receipt so I’m looking to either buy another or find an alternative that maybe won’t die after a third of a year. Those things are expensive for the shelf life they seem to have.

I know of the Zumio but I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for. I’m really in love with the Hyphy’s silicone attachments because of the versatility, and I like the wide end for penetration on occasion– the vibes aren’t strong but it works well enough for me. I’m wondering if there are any other options out there that are body safe and focus on clit stimulation in the same buzzy, pinpoint intense kind of way. A vaginal penetration option would be ideal but it seems tough to be picky in a specific niche. I used to use an electric toothbrush, as a base idea of what I’m searching for. Price limit is ideally $150, but I’d like to know all my options even above that. Shopping in Canada and open to all kinds of suggestions, really.

Sidenote– I’m also looking at the Lovense Domi 2, plus the female attatchment. I think I’m pretty sold on it, but I’d like to order the Hyphy as well to replace my old one (yay free shipping!) They’re 50% off right now so I’m tempted, but I’m just not sure if it’s worth getting something that may break again. Definitely gonna be more careful about keeping the invoice– but does it even seem worth it? Opinions on this as well would be lovely.

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