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OnlyFans furry Jade and boyfriend open up about their love

OnlyFans furry Jade and boyfriend open up about their love

This time, they know it’s fur real.

Dimetrius and Jade are just like any other young couple in love — except Jade lives as a furry. A furry who makes a living catering, very publicly, to her fellow fetishists.

The content creator boasts a successful OnlyFans account where she posts adult content of herself in full gear — a cartoonish wolf suit made of white, black and brown fur. This type of get-up can cost tens of thousands of dollars to create, she said.

Dimetrius, who holds down a full-time job outside the home, found Jade’s lifestyle difficult to understand, but he’s become her biggest supporter, the adult content creator said. TikTok/@jadethefurr

A furry is defined as anyone interested in humans masquerading as animals.

Jade’s unusual lifestyle might have given the average prospective boyfriend paws — but the pair have been together for a year, the Daily Mail reported, even after dealing with the significant rift their love has caused between Dimetrius and his pals.

“Friends? I don’t really have any left from them finding out,” he told an interviewer on Love Don’t Judge., a popular YouTube series.

“The concern they had mostly was just immaturity. Not wanting to do their own research, just listening to what they’ve been brainwashed into believing is true,” he said.

But the couple, who say that Jade’s work covers their housing costs, have become accustomed to criticism from all quarters, with anonymous trolls telling them things like “all furries should be burned at the stake.

After the daring pair began filming scenes together — even though Dimetrius, who holds down a full-time job outside of the home, says he doesn’t identify as a furry — anonymous critics began attacking him, calling him a “dog f*****,” the couple said.

“Dimetrius wasn’t too fond on being with a furry I know that,” Jade admitted. “The furry fandom is something new to him.”

Dmitrius declared: ‘”I’m not attracted to the mask she’s wearing — I’m attracted to the woman inside of the mask.”

Dimetrius and Jade (in her fursuit) in a popular social media post. The couple have learned to deal with critics — both known and anonymous — they said. TikTok/@jadethefurr

He also says that he won’t do anything “weird” — like drinking from a dog bowl, or using a litter box, as some committed furries do, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

“We make adult content with fur suits,” Jade explains simply, appearing to imply that there’s little difference between what they do and the tens of thousands of other adult content creators flaunting it all online.

“Furries are just cosplayers,” she said. “These characters give me a different personality. And it makes me put myself out there more…when I have my fur suit on.”

Jade has no plans to walk away from her online presence, which has brought in enough money to cover housing costs, she said. TikTok/@jadethefurr

The couple met when Dimetrius’ old roommate held a furry party in their apartment, and Jade admitted herself to her current beau’s bedroom, where he’d been hiding out.

“It took him a while to like really understand what it was,” she said.

Now, he’s her biggest ally, according to Jade.

“The most important thing is when the support comes in from [Dimetrius] and he helps me, he’s there for me, he supports me through everything,” Jade said.

“I’d say to anybody judging us, look at yourself first, because you see two people that are happy,” Dimetrius added.

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