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Octavia Red Steps ‘Behind The Camera’s Eye’ For Seth Gambles

Octavia Red

Reigning XBIZ Performer of the Year Seth Gamble is pleased to announce the release of the 34-minute Lucid Short Behind The Camera’s Eye. Starring Gamble and Octavia Red, the new scene is now available on

Hired to photograph Natasha (Red), the mistress of a client, fashion photographer Laura (Evelyn Claire) experiences an unsettling occurrence. Instead of capturing the present moment on film, Laura’s perception shifts, revealing visions of Natasha fully naked and in the throes of passion, engaging in an intense and seductive encounter with Laura’s attractive assistant (Gamble). As the vision abruptly ends, Laura finds herself on the floor, only to be confronted by Natasha’s ominous declaration that she would be next.

“The visual style for this story is a blend of high-fashion photography and gritty suspense,” expressed Gamble. “We dialed up the high-contrast lighting and used a bold color palette, particularly reds and blacks, to suggest danger. We wanted to capture the style of 1970s fashion photography, with striking costumes and settings. Distinctive camera angles and movements contrast with point-of-view shots that mimic Laura’s visions, creating an immersive experience.”

The director/performer was equally enthusiastic when discussing the project’s star. “In our scene, Octavia uses her sensuality to captivate viewers. Her gaze is intense and engaging, conveying an allure that really holds the audience’s attention. The way she interacts with the camera and myself, whether through a subtle smile, a smoldering look, or a playful expression, created a connection that felt intimate and personal. Her ability to exude charm and charisma enhanced our sex scene, making it passionate and unforgettable. And it was great to have Evelyn Claire come in and give us her acting chops to elevate the story.”

Behind The Camera’s Eye, starringSeth Gamble and Octavia Red, is now available exclusively on

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