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Mutual Chat Update – Level Up Your Chat Game – Mutual Blog

Mutual Chat Update – Level Up Your Chat Game – Mutual Blog

“Heyyyy” is probably the WORST way to start a conversation. But with the updated chat on Mutual, your conversations are guaranteed to be much more exciting, even if you can’t come up with a better opening line than “Heyyyy.”

Here’s what you can expect on the latest chat:

Mutual Chat Update – Level Up Your Chat Game – Mutual Blog 2

No more excuses for boring conversations 

  1. Reactions 🩷 – Reacting to messages has become the norm. Simply hold down on a message and select a reaction. (If someone opens up with a lame pickup line, we recommend the emoji.) Try using them to enhance your chats and keep the conversation going.
  2. Replies —When you’re really vibing with a new person, they will sometimes double-text, and it can be hard to keep track of all the fun topics. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Now, you can reply to specific messages in chat. 
  3. Action Menu – From the chat list, swipe left on a conversation to display the new action menu. Here is what you can do to that conversation from this menu:
    1. Archive – You can archive your recent chats. This is a good way to clear out old chats and save those that you might want to come back to later. 
    2. Pin —If you really don’t want a conversation to get buried, you can now pin it to the top of your list. 
    3. Report – In an effort to help keep our community a safe place for you to match and meet others, let us know if we should be aware of anything about a conversation
  4. Delete – Don’t think that there is a reason for a conversation to stay in your archive? Now you can remove it.
  5. Voice Recordings Now you can send a voice message! This powerful new tool allows you to hear how a person sounds before you meet them in person. It also allows you to share your feelings better than just a simple text message. 
  6. Notes displayed in the archive – In your archived messages you can now see old Notes that you’ve received. You can go back to these messages later if you need to for any reason.  
  7. Gifs – Sometimes words aren’t enough and a gif could better convey the message you want to send. Open the action button on the left side of your keyboard to search for gifs which will help to keep the conversation fun and interesting!

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