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Which positions are the most stimulating to use with sex toys?

Adult Toys

Do you know the tips for using sex toys?

Which positions are the most exciting?

P.S. EDEN recommends 10 classic sex toy usage tips

Do you know the top ten classic sex toy usage tips? Make some small decorations on yourself and kiss each other as much as a star. A sweet life is the prerequisite for a happy sexual life and the most basic element of sexual skills. What are your bed-sharing tips? Now, let me introduce it to you!

Sexual skills refer to the skills of mastering how to carry out sexual life smoothly and enhance sexual pleasure based on a full understanding of the physiological structure of men and women. It mainly includes caressing, hugging, sexual positions and other related content.

There are many techniques for using sex toys, but if you want to be exciting and innovative, you need to put more thought into it!


Tips on using Adult Toys

Tips on using Adult Toys


Introduction to sex toy usage tips

1. Decorate your body

To really get his head spinning, bring out the sparkly decorations and don’t wear anything other than jewelry. You will fulfill his fantasy of a Vegas showgirl. Gently slide your earrings over his neck. Prepare a set of handcuffs and shout loudly under the soft quilt. Or let extra-long faux pearls slide up and down his legs. (You’ll get an extra “bonus” if you tie him to the bedpost with a chain of pearls).

2. Learn to kiss and caress celebrities

Who says you have to be a Hollywood starlet to secretly cuddle with your man? Next time you eat together, don’t sit across from him, but sit right next to him, like you’re in the most romantic cafe in Paris . Then give him a passionate French kiss.

3. Do more sexual exercises

Trust us: there’s a direct correlation between working out and working up a sweat and having hot sex.

When your body is full of energy, orgasms are more intense. This is probably the most powerful witchcraft ever, you can go to the gym together and work out to your physical limits. You can also apply P.S. EDEN’s relaxing massage oil on your body before sex.

4. Garter belt

Haven’t tried it since you got married? Now is the time to try it (it turns you into an instant hottie; and maybe even gets him into role-playing). On your next date, let him slide his palms quickly over your bottom to make him realize that you are wearing something different today. A sexy quest is about to begin.

5. Renovate the tradition

Replace the traditional missionary position with the following method to rekindle a different passion: Put a pillow under your butt – this new height will make your feelings more intense.

6. Unexpected surprises

When he paid, he sneaked out from behind. When he takes a shower, sneak in. Touch his thigh while he watches Sunday afternoon football.

You have to wait until he is hot and can’t wait for you.

7. The temptation of wet clothes that show off your figure

Men are very interested in a woman’s body. If you can let him see your beautiful body half-covered and half-transparent, their eyes will glow green. In a man’s teenage years, the only time he can truly see a girl’s body is when he is swimming. At that time, they were completely wet, even though their bodies were still immature. Even an ordinary-looking woman like Helen Hunt had an irresistible charm when she appeared dripping wet at Jack Nicholson’s door. Perhaps it was this sexy flirting gesture that impressed the male Oscar judges.

8. Full breasts that seem to be exposed but not exposed

Full breasts are a part of a woman’s pride, and they are also a part that attracts men’s attention. During sexual foreplay, it has almost become a Hollywood classic for women to reveal their breasts. From Marlene Dietrich in the 1930s, Monroe in the 1960s, Stone in the 1980s, Anderson in the 1990s and other sexy stars, to Midi Foster and Helen Hunt who are not flirtatious, they all choose This naked and seductive look.

What does this woman’s flirting gesture that she has loved for decades mean? It’s not that the woman is stupid, but that this trick is so effective.

9. Slowly undressing layer by layer for temptation

Even if your man is used to seeing your body, he is still very curious about your body, especially when you slowly take off your clothes, it is even more tempting for him. A woman’s undressing is an irresistible flirting gesture, and the stamens among the beautiful petals are like a skilled craftsman making a beautiful work of art. In the eyes of men, a woman’s undressing is an irresistible flirting gesture. Untieing is not only a sign of trust in a man, but also gives him a secret pleasure that he can enjoy alone. So, a woman can seduce your man by stripping off her clothes.

10. Licking the lips with the tip of the tongue intentionally or unintentionally

Lips are one of the most sexy parts of a woman’s body. They are very tempting to men. If a man likes a woman, the first thing he thinks of is to kiss her, just like he has to open his eyes every time he wakes up. To see the world, you have to kiss it before you own it.

When a woman licks her lips intentionally or unintentionally, it is really a tease of the male’s desire. Kate Moss’s thin figure doesn’t have much sexiness to show off, but back then, CK and herself became popular all over the world with a photo of her tongue curled up and her lips half open.

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