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Moglily 20lb male masturbator (Amazon)


My girlfriend and I have been fighting for about a year and we both have sought out sex from outside of the relationship.
Recently we’ve decided to go no contact for a while and see if the dust settles and that time apart will help us forgive each other.

She is getting a womanizer pro40 clit sucker, and I am getting a moglily 20lb ass/pussy male masturbator. We’re doing this so that neither of us feels the need to stray. Because while being no contact, we’re each expected to remain faithful to each other.

I’m curious if anyone is familiar with the moglily. Pros/cons, etc. did it get you off? Which model did you end up getting etc etc anything you can think of, let me know. I’m really excited to get this thing. It’s my first sex toy so I’m excited but really skeptical at the same time.

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