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Masturbation May And We’re Feeling Good

masturbation blog

masturbation blog

Masturbation May is here and we are feeling good! 

Time to dust off your vibrators, invest in a new pocket pussy and treat yourself to some yummy lube.

It is also time to give yourself a hand this month.

Masturbation is about self-pleasure. If you battled to find time last Masturbation May, then you are missing out on celebrating pleasure. 

Masturbation May began as a voice  to speak out about masturbation and its benefits, Masturbation May has since evolved into a highly successful campaign to promote the business of masturbation.

Um what does that mean? An update of what is new and trending with vibrators, offering specials on sex toys and create an awareness on sex, pleasure and demystifying the myths of masturbation.

Go On. Touch Yourself.

Perhaps more than the generalised population care to admit. People have been masturbating for eons.  Now we as South Africans are celebrating our beauty and our pleasure.  Perhaps not marching down the streets, but we certainly are masturbating. 

We, at Secret Corner make it our business to ensure that you are kept up to speed with all that is hot and new and keeping up with trends. 

What About It?

Pleasure releases endorphins which helps relive pain or stress. Sex with yourself is part of a healthy sex life and the best way to discover levels of touch and how they make you feel. Exploring new and exciting ways to orgasm without the presence of a partner. (Not that masturbating with your partner is not a good idea) In fact it is a fantastic idea!

Just Do It

Set time aside to relax and explore. There is always time to explore. If not, then try harder, you are missing out. Besides all hot benefits of masturbation, it is a great stress releaser, relieves pain, elevates mood and gives you a rosy glow and  energises everything.

Practice Edging 

Edging is an excellent way to slow down, something you can do solo or with your partner. Ideally, as you start to feel yourself getting closer to orgasm, you slow it down or stop. This can be done by shifting your focus or just hold back. Then start again, repeat this until you feel you want to orgasm – Then feel the difference in the level of intensity from edging. 

An ideal toy for ladies to use for edging is definitely one of the clitoral sucking toys.  By lifting the pressure the intensity increases. 

womanizer scaledwomanizer scaled

Lube It Up

You can never use too much lube. Lube is the all time height in pleasure. The wetter the better. Those with penises and those with vulvas. The slip sliding of wetness is an all time high in arousal. 

Choose waterbased lubes with your sex toys. That goes for gents and ladies toys. For oral play, try out a flavored lube for some succulent and tasty pleasure. A good silicone lube is ideal for some water fun, the shower, bath or hot-tub. And obviously, an anal lube is a must for any anal play. Anal lubes usually have relaxing properties included. But NEVER NUMB THE BUM! You need to be able to feel anything untoward happening down there. The risk of infection is at an all time high. 


Discover Sex Toys

There is no surprise here – It is without question that you experience different and new types of stimulation. And a sex toys will do that. A variety of sex toys will enhance pleasure as well a let you experience new and exciting sensations; like the G-Spot, the entire area of the clitoris and also let you explore anal in a safe and healthy manner.

Pocket Pussies and Things

Pocket pussies are so under rated! Pocket Pussy masturbators are so popular and a very discreet option. Besides the obvious pleasure aspects of them, they are excellent to enhance staying power. 

Their lifelike features and realistic sensations, when lubed up are the real deal, letting you practice staying power in bed by taking ejaculation to the next level.

So many to choose from – from palm sized little numbers, vibrating masturbators and not forgetting the all time favorite Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjacks.

And, they never stop arriving on the shelves, updated, new features added and the promise of mind blowing  self indulgence!

fleshlight quickshot vantage male masturbatorfleshlight quickshot vantage male masturbator

Make it Mutual 

Mutual masturbation is an inviting and exciting way to explore. 

Masturbating together can be very fulfilling as can watching your partner explore themselves. An excellent way to relieve stress and tension!

love couple sleeping after sex 600nw 2423137499love couple sleeping after sex 600nw 2423137499

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